How to Soul Scribble

Soul scribbles are a fun, fast and easy way to access guidance from your inner wisdom.

What you will need for your soul scribble

Before you begin, have a piece of paper and something to write with handy.

The video on the left shows the process, but the instructions follow if you prefer to read them.

Starting your Soul Scribble

Take 3 deep breaths and close your eyes. Think about an issue or situation for which you would like some guidance. Maybe it is an issue at work, a relationship, a dream or idea that came to you. Avoid yes or no questions in favor of something more open ended like "Tell me what I need to know about..." And if no specific issue comes to mind, you can simply state "I am ready to know what I need to know."

Write down your question or intention on your paper, someplace along the edge. It should not be big. This is just for reference when you look back at this later.

With your pen or pencil in your non-dominant hand, close your eyes and scribble for 3-5 seconds. Any longer and your left brain will start to try to control it and make it into something nameable, recognizable. The key is to scribble without thinking about it BEING anything.

Now open your eyes. Look at your scribble, think of this as cloud gazing, just keep looking until something jumps out at you. Turn your paper any direction you like, de-focus your eyes.

Once you recognize something in your scribble, use your pen (or markers or crayons) to make that image as clear as possible. Add elements you feel would help make it clearer. There are no rights or wrongs here. This is not a work of art, it is play, and it is communication with your soul and inner wisdom .

After about 5 minutes stop and look at your art, and write down 5 words (they can be a sentence, a poem, or just separate right or wrong here) that come up as you are looking at and thinking about this image.

Continue to work on your scribble as much as you want. Keep it someplace you can see and reflect on it. It if is an animal or symbol, do a search online and see what comes up. If you do this, pay attention to the things that you respond strongly too...both positively and negatively. A strong reaction indicates that resonates and has a message for you.


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