Five Surprising Benefits of Creativity PLUS Seven Tips for Being Creative Today


Creativity makes us feel better and can totally transform our experience, our outlook, and our lives. Check out more surprising benefits of creativity PLUS 7 simple tips for adding creativity to your day.

In 2016, two losses left me floundering and wondering who I was. If you have been through a loss, you know that such experiences can be an invitation to go deeper in understanding who we are and why we are here. After a six-month deep dive, I found my way to creativity. Being creative changed my life for the good, and it can change yours, too. Here are five surprising benefits I received from bringing creativity into my life. And read on for seven tips for being more creative today!

Above: Art does not have to be big to make a big impact on your life. This 5" x 7" whale is made with acrylic paint on watercolor paper, which creates a beautiful effect, and is something that can be created with less time investment!

Five Surprising Benefits of Creativity

1. Becoming Present In the Moment

Through creativity, I became present in the moment more often than I was worrying about the future or fretting about the past. Why is this? Well, when we become absorbed in the creative process, it takes our full attention. We look closely at what we are creating, examining the relationships between the shape and colors, studying the proportions, being one with the process. This carries over into our lives, making us more available to what is happening in the moment, and reducing stress!

2. Being Comfortable with Uncertainty

Creativity helps us be more observant of everything in our lives, and become more receptive to out-of-the-ordinary and unusual things because they stimulate our creative minds. After I started creating, I became more relaxed in situations that previously made me uncomfortable. I became comfortable with silence when alone and even in the company of others. I became at ease with odd or illogical behavior. I became more comfortable not knowing the outcome of something before I began it.

3. Finding Emotional Freedom

There is nothing like creativity for helping us to release and move through our feelings. You can see this in the way a favorite song will make you want to belt out the lyrics or get up and dance. After I began painting, I was able to move the emotions that were old and dug in, and to keep the flow going so that new emotions did not get trapped inside me. In my life this made me more present and available in my relationships. I became less triggered because there was just less stuff stuck inside to trigger me and I was not looking for emotional stability outside myself.

4. Feeling Satisfaction

Creating things, even when it is hard (and believe me, almost every painting goes through a “this is terrible, I hate it” stage) leaves us feeling on top of the world. We look at our art in awe. “Look what I made!” our inner artist cheers! And feeling satisfaction in what we make on the canvas, knowing we can work through the “I hate this” stage and come out on the other side with success, helps us be more daring in life.

5. Finding New Energy

Being creative every day…and I highly recommend once-a-day creativity…helps us move through stress and discover the natural flow of energy all around us. When I was not creative I lived in a 24/7 stress web. From working too many hours, to not expressing my emotions, to the responsibilities of a parent and spouse, I was exhausted and tense. But even on the longest, most tiring days, I notice that if I make time to create, within 20 minutes the stress is gone, I have more color in my face, and I feel recharged and energized. This creates more energy for other things in my life, too…and a heap more enthusiasm!

Seven Ways to Be More Creative

Now that you know some of the surprising benefits of being creative, you may be wondering how to be more creative yourself. And I am happy to tell you, there are a heap of really simple techniques. Here are seven that you can use TODAY!

Above: Sharing Soul Path Art activities with all ages at the Brunswick Outdoor Art Festival

1. Color

Coloring is so simple and yet so powerful for calming your mind and opening to the present moment. Color in a book, or try doodling, making shapes and filling them with colors and patterns.

2. Soul scribble

This fun exercise is a great way to check in with yourself for guidance and reflection on anything that is on your mind, and it creates balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

3. Go a different way

See a road you have never taken? Take it today and see where it leads you. Anything you do to break out of routine helps awaken your creativity.

4. Meditate (or paint!)

These are both amazing for quieting the thoughts that keep us out of creative flow. You can find mantras online, and there a loads of guided meditations free on YouTube, including this one from yours truly.

6. Try something new

The first time I tried aerial yoga I could feel it open my whole being to creativity. Anything new challenges us to LEARN, to be present, to pay attention, focus, and it clears away mental clutter that stops creativity from flowing all while building new neural connections. What have you wanted to try? Go out and do it!

7. Yoga

Yoga gets energy moving in your body, and doing an inversion, like a shoulder stand, gets blood flowing to your brain and gives your heart a break! Plus, it will help you shift your perspective!

When we are open to our natural creative flow, inspiration strikes…whether it is an idea for a novel or a new widget! And when we find that flow, it does not stop at widgets... creativity flows into every part of our lives. We start feeling triumphant, powerful, happy, and energized, filled with inspiration and zest for life. Curious to know more benefits of creativity? Check out this article on



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Learn five surprising benefits of creativity plus seven ways to get more creative right now!
Learn five surprising benefits of creativity plus seven ways to get more creative right now!