My Story

My art journey, a journey of becoming all that I truly am, began in August 2016 with a quest to unify myself and listen to the quiet voice of guidance within. Let me tell you the story.

Larissa Davis Luminary Collection

The woman I then was stood at a choice point in her life: the end of a career in graphic design, kids growing up, and the opportunity to finally figure out what she came here to do in this life. She suddenly recognized that up until that time, she had been guided in all her major decisions by fears and ideas of what was and was not possible.

“I will not make any major changes or decisions until I am unified.”

But she was determined not to follow that same pattern. She felt the yearning of a woman broken and distant from her true self, a pang of desire calling her to discover who she truly was.

Alone, for no apparent reason, she spoke these words out loud: a pledge that range through the universe:

“ I will not make any major changes or decisions until I am unified,” she said.

Unbeknownst to her, the wheels of the universe heard her and began to turn.

So began her neverending journey: her song of coming into being as the sovereign living being of love we all truly are.

She began to listen, watch, and wait for that quiet guidance to speak. She shed tears. She let go.

And one morning, six months later, she awoke recalling a dream.

The dream was clear and vibrant and detailed.

It showed her that through painting she would be able to heal herself and predict the future.

At the time, she did not realize the depth and importance of this message.

But she heeded the message and, that very day, pulled out her long-abandoned art supplies and began sketching.

And when she did….




And the woman I was, was delivered to the silent center of herself, completely present. And the understanding dawned that through creativity she would find peace and presence. No need for mantras or meditations. Just her, creating.

As the journey has continued to spiral and unwind, I have been purifying old patterns in order to be a clearer expression and creator of pure love and the infinite spark of creation. My goal is to create art that supports us all embodying the full potential of our being.

To quote artist and song writer Pam Daugherty, “We know the world is changing, we know we’re changing, too.”