Abundance: Painting as a Tool for Manifesting

Abundance, 48" x 48" Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Larissa Davis


At the end of a painting exercise in which I was practicing detatchment (seriously, I made 13 paintings, one on top of the other using only 2 canvases! Check it out!) I was using the prompt "abundance" to paint my final piece on this large canvas. I started the painting this piece on a facebook live video you can watch below. Dragons had shown up in a series of soul scribbles. When researching dragons, what most stood out was letting go of the fear of survival in order to move ahead with my dreams and bring abundance into my life. This was exactly what had been going on with me. I had started my Soul Path Art journey, but survival was the dominant fear guiding my life, and it was holding me back. So I adopted the dragon as my visual mantra for releasing that fear and welcoming abundance.

Painting Abundance

Enjoy this quick video (literally it is in fast-forward!) of me starting to paint Abundance.

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