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EPISODE 010: Raven, Part 2

raven spiritn animal, learn the symbolism behind the art

Part two of “Raven: Free Your Heart”

To recap what I shared in part one, I was driving down our road tossing about the idea of aerial yoga teacher training. I suddenly saw that I had held a judgement about yoga which had stopped me from ever thinking beyond it. As soon as I saw the judgement, it left, taking flight like the ravens I came upon in the road in front of me, and my truth rose up from my heart. I wanted to pursue yoga teacher training.

Yoga Path Unfolding

My first step in following the Yoga Dream was saying yes to aerial yoga training. This training, only 3 days, would be a good test of my abilities. Most of the trainees would be young yoga instructors with both youth and teaching experience on their side. Would I be able to keep up? Would my body and mind be able to learn everything I needed to learn in that short time?

Larissa Davis Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Me (top right) and the amazing women I trained with and under at Tula Maine in February 2019.

I am an Aerial Yoga Teacher

I completed the training with less soreness than some of my classmates (all of whom were definintely much younger than me!), and I remembered what I needed to. With the aerial training under my belt, I felt more confident in pursuing my bigger yoga teacher training dreams.

Yoga Teacher Training

Researching 200-hour yoga teacher training programs, I found Kripalu, the largest, most well-known yoga school in North America. I applied, and then waited for the reply. Two weeks later I received the acceptance letter!



Raven returning

It was a sunny winter day as I stepped outside and took a seat in the lawn chair I had planted in the snow a few days earlier. The sun warmed my face and I was lost in thoughts about Kripalu. I heard a sound I could not identify. At first I ignored it in favor of my daydreams. But then I thought, I should pay attention to this! It had come from above and behind me. If it was a bird, it would be coming into view over my right shoulder. As I quickly turned to look in that direction, there it was! A raven winging overhead, making that weird, throaty sound that is so unique to ravens. What a poignant and interesting confirmation of the unfolding of my yoga dream.


The Yoga Dream

My desire is to complete yoga teacher training at Kripalu. Because yoga has been so beneficial to me on my healing path, I dream of sharing it with other lyme warriors and their families, free of charge, in weekly classes in my community. I am challenged to be as resourceful as the raven and to keep my thoughts positive in order to manifest this dream.


In light of this, I wanted to share a beautiful practice of hourly affirmations to help us train our thinking to more positivity and less negativity. Good vibrations are what it is all about if we desire to create the changes we seek! I recently came upon this list on Enjoy!



Support the yoga journey

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  • Marjorie Luce
    April 24, 2019 Reply

    Hi Larissa,
    I've been following you for a while now and must say that the raven series speaks to me the most so far. Diagnosed with cancer in 2016 left me floundering with my energy consumed with simply getting from one day to another and all creativity and the joy derived from my art disappeared without a trace, almost as if I could no longer speak the language of expressions. Almost 18 months later, I took a class at the Dempsey Center in Lewiston, and in an entirely new art technique of gelatin print-making, I created an image of a raven and felt the urge to create a poem to my experience with the raven. You see, I had taken time off from work to attempt to get my head around my diagnosis and the only thing that kept me going was a raven that appeared on a branch outside my bedroom window every morning, and who would LOUDLY call to me over and over until I finally got out of bed, went to the window and looked at him staring at me, urging me to get up. Had it not been for my raven, I would probably have stayed in bed most of the day, hiding away feeling sorry for myself. Instead, he got me up and over weeks I began to feel stronger and determined that I would live life to the fullest. I would see him in the yard as I worked in my flower bed, watching me work as a silent cheerleader, giving me one "caw" as he flew over my head. The idea that he would be there every day gave me comfort, knowing the power and other-worldly connections that ravens symbolize. I often find myself watching those who visit my yard with no sense of time, fascinated and grateful for their presence.

    • Larissa Davis
      April 30, 2019 Reply

      Marjorie what a powerful story, and amazing connection you have with the Raven! Our relationships with the animals and other symbols in our life can be so life-altering. Your story lifts my heart. There are so many things in your comment that I relate to. I recently lead a class at the Dempsey Center (such an amazing resource), and a close family member has been healing from cancer, so I know what a beastly journey it is. Are you familiar with the work of Louise Hay, by chance?

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