Art Speak

EPISODE 9: Raven, Part 1

In this edition of Art Speak I share the story behind the painting Raven: Free Your Heart.

Free Your Heart

The raven appeared to me at a surprising moment. It coincided with my first experiences with aerial yoga. When I learned that the raven as as acrobatic as the most amazing fliers, hawks, this seemed very fitting. The more I learned about the raven, the more in awe I became. Just the bare facts about these animals, not to mention their symbolic meanings, was enough to convince me that I had been graced by their appearance in my life.

Check out these raven facts

— You probably know ravens can copy any sound they hear...but did you know they use this skill to call wolves to fallen prey in order to benefit from the wolves’ ability to tear through a thick hide which ravens have no ability to penetrate?

— You probably know they are clever, but did you know that they will use their bills to point things out to other ravens? Or that they hide food and then do elaborate gyrations to distract other ravens from its location?

— You may have heard they are resourcful, but did you know they will use ANYTHING to build a stable and strong nest, including coat hangers?

Raven encounter

I happened upon a group of ravens as I was driving down our road, on my way to an aerial yoga class, my mind filled with thoughts. I reached an epiphany as I rounded the bend, ravens taking flight, tears falling, my heart unburdened.That is a bit vague, I you will have to watch the video to get the whole story....or at least part one of the story! This is a special one, and takes longer to tell than usual, so I broke it into two segments. Watch part two here.

Your turn

Watch the video for all the details, and then dive into your own self to discover what the deeper, truer meanings of the raven are for you. For me, the meanings are still unfolding!

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