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Box Turtle Symbolism with Guest Artist Lea Vollmer

Art speak: Turtle symbolism with guest artist Lea Vollmer

Box Turtle symbolism and spirit animal meaning

In this episode of Art Speak, my guest Lea Vollmer shares the painting she created in my online course, Spirit Animal Painting Journey. Join us to learn about Lea, her background, the messages the box turtle had for her, and why she recommends you take the Spirit Animal Painting Journey course.

Without spoiling the video for you, below you can read some additional meanings of the turtle not shared by Lea. See what resonates with you.

Turtle symbolism: Joining heaven and earth

According to Ted Andrew's book, Animal Speak, the prominent meanings of turtle are of motherhood, longevity, and awakening to opportunities. The turtles are more ancient than any other vertebrate animal and there is a lot of mythology attached to them. In the Far East, the shell top was regarded as the heavens and the bottom as the earth, symbolically representing uniting earth and heaven in your life. Interestingly, the Onondaga have a story that the earth is actually contained on the back of a turtle.

Andrews writes that each turtle has unique messages, so identifying your turtle is important. Box turtles had different messages from painted turtles and snapping turtles.

Symbolism Meaning Guide: Explore the symbols in your life with this free guide

Turtle symbolism: Other meanings

You can learn a lot about the message of your spirit animal through learning about its characteristics. Turtles have excellent hearing. They can sese vibration through their shell (which is actually their backbone and ribs!). They have slow metabolism which leads to long life and an association with longevity. Turtles right themselves when turned onto their backs with the use of their strong neck and head. This can be a message to use your head to get yourself back on track.

Four techniques for connecting with turtle symbolism

If turtle has shown up in your life, do some research, and then turn within.

1. Take a walk to a lake or pond to connect with the water that is so important to turtles. Be quiet and take in you surroundings. Close your eyes and imagine being in the water, moving like the turtle, warming yourself on a sunny rock. What does it feel like to be the turtle? What is important to you? What messages can turtle share with you.

2. Another great way to discover more about turtle in your life is through free writing. This is a practice of writing anything and everything you can think of about turtles. What memories come up?

3. Write 5 words about turtle. Then free-write about each word. What do you discover?

4. Make a collage about turtles. Think of it as a dreamboard all about turtles. collect images and words and create your turtle collage. What colors are you drawn to? What turtle is calling you? Write into your collage any insights you have.

Symbolism Meaning Guide: Explore the symbols in your life with this free guide

Your turn

Watch the video for a few bonus insights, and then dive into your own self to discover what the deeper, truer meanings of the turtle are for you.

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