Art Speak


Welcome to Art Speak, a video series in which I share the stories, messages, and medicine of the art I create. In this edition, I share the story behind my first intentional painting, and the message and experience that unfolded as the painting was being created. It is a real testiment to the power of intentional painting to create change in our lives.

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Live Coaching and Manifesting Magic...oh, yeah, and we paint too!

Animals have been helping me on my soul path since the beginning, and I am excited to offer my first-ever online coaching coarse, PAINT MY SPIRIT ANIMAL starting March 4th. Space is limited to 20 participants so we each have time to share and receive support in our live online sessions. Sign up early to secure your spot, and when you sign up before 2/17, you SAVE $$$ too!


Did the message of unity resonate with you?

I invite you to join the conversation in our private facebook group The Soul Path Network.

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