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In this edition of Art Speak I share the story behind my elephant obsession, a great song to keep you from giving up, and my secret childhood name for a very famous museum.


As you can tell from the video title, the main message I took from the elephant is to be unstoppable. On our way to our goals and dreams, we inevitably run into obstacles...things in our physical world, or within ourselves, that slow us down and might actually stop us. All those obstacles, of course, originate from within us. It is the result of the way we think and feel deep down, below the surface. No matter how much positive thinking we do, if underneath it all we are sending out a vibration of “I do not deserve happiness” we are not gonna get happiness.

So, how do we overcome and become unstoppable? I was listening to Todd Herman speaking about his book “The Alter Ego Effect” today. Now, what he is sharing is not new, but it is great to be reminded of this fabulous technique for overcoming our inner obstacles. It is not much different than the message of the song from “The King and I”...

Whenever I feel afraid, I hold my head erect, and whistle a happy tune, so no one will suspect I’m afraid...”

Todd’s idea is to create an alter ego that is not afraid and, whenever doubt creeps in, to don that alter ego. This works because our imaginations are SO powerful our brain does not know the difference between truth and imagination. This is the power of intentional creativity as well. We want to BE THERE in our imagine that we have what we desire already. And the key to that is to do it through our feelings.

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