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In this edition of Art Speak I share the story behind Ursa and an interesting confirmation from the oracle cards!


In March of last year I was preparing to move into the Art Loft in Rockland, Maine for a 1-month residency. Once there, I felt a tremendous amount of stress. I felt pressure to get my new business in a financially successful situation, I felt stress about offering classes 4x/week at the Loft, I felt pressure to produce art when I was there. And it culminated in sleepless nights. As the opening night for the show approached, I was exhausted and unsure of what I was even going to say.

Exhausted, I took a morning and went to the ocean at Owl’s Head in hopes of finding clarity. I was following the guidance of Bill Plotkin, author of Soul Craft to speak my story to the earth and await a reply. I talked a lot, looking out over the ocean. And at one point, the sun shining down on me and the water, the brilliance of the stars in the ocean overwhelmed me. I was moved to tears. I felt assured that sharing my story would help others find and share their inner light. For the first time in days I felt at peace, held, and assured. My stress melted away. I returned to the studio to help get things ready, feeling at ease.

The event went off easily, and my courage, sharing my story of awakening, was exactly what the moment called for. After I spoke I was blessed to hear others tell me their stories of awakening and truth-finding...shining their stars in response to mine.

A new spiritual beginning

A week or so into the classes I was teaching I decided to pull a card from my Animal Spirit deck to get a read on what was playing out in my life. It was the bear, and the message of stepping up spiritually really resonated. I created this painting. It was at this same time that I found the whale, with its message of being supported, held, and being able to trust. It was also at this time that the Lyme infection which had been hiding, slowly growing, became obvious. Exhaustion, muscle weakness, and finally swollen joints were the signs that told me Lyme was present. It came to redirect me. To help me move further, releasing the left-brain approach to my life and soul path which had persisted, and to teach me to accept and trust and surrender. Watch the video for the cool insight that came recently through a 3-card reading!

Learn about Intentional Creativity

If you want to know more about intentional painting, I invite you to visit my youtube channel, and join the conversation on the private facebook group The Soul Path Network.




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