Today, my soul scribble revealed Santa's sleigh.
My question: direction, how to move ahead, continuing to follow my soul path.
The answer: believe. Ask for what I want, believe it is mine, and then receive. I think this is a message for us all.
The trick is knowing what we want.
At my workshops this can be the most difficult part for participants. When they settle down and ask themselves what they truly desire they often hesitate. And I completely understand this. I was there not long ago, and I revisit that state of questioning often.
“What do I want?”
As adults, we have so little practice with dreaming into our future. Somewhere between childhood and now most of us stopped dreaming. This is why this work, finding our soul path, asking ourselves the questions, imagining our answers, listening to our feelings, is so vital. Before we can get what we truly want we must conceive of what that is!
So, as you plan for 2018, allow yourself to imagine the future. Picture yourself in that new car, that new job, with that baby you have been hoping for, on a sailboat in Antigua. How does it feel? How do YOU feel? Is it a good feeling? Rest with it. Let yourself daydream. Do this everyday. Clear your mind of the "that cannot happens" and the "I do not deserve thats" and just dream. Recapture the magic of your youth when your imagination took you to far away lands. Dream dream dream, and ream some more. Then, resting assured in your belief in your dream, allow it to come to you.
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash