Here is a list of books which I highly recommend. These all came into my life shortly after art called me home. They have each taught me different lessons, all moving me toward my goal of unity within myself.

Dying To Be Me

by Anita Moorjani

This amazing true story of Anita’s near death experience and instantaneous healing from cancer will forever change you. I enjoyed listening to this audiobook while finishing “Unstoppable.”

Big Magic

by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of eat-pray-love,  provides insight on the nature of creative inspiration, genius, and how to live a creative life in the company of our ever-present fear. Also see her TED talk here:

At Left Brain Turn Right

by Anthony Meindl

Good info, interspersed with a TON of amazing quotes on creativity and the creative process, as well as some helpful exercises/

Art is a Way of Knowing

by Pat B. Allen

Pat is an art therapist who, when confronted by her own fears was paralyzed, and decided never to paint a portrait again. This book describes her therapeutic art with tons of great exercises to free up your creativity and bypass your inner critic.

Steering by Starlight

by Marth Beck

Martha has written so many good books, it is hard to name one as being more helpful that another. This one is packed with guidance, humor, and exercises. She created a PDF download companion to the book that just contains the exercises if you do not want to white in the book.

The Law of Attraction

by Jerry and Esther Hicks

If you cannot read this book, then watch the movie “The Secret”. Make you life what you desire using the power of your thoughts!

Conversations With God: Awakening the Species

By Neil Donald Walsch


Check back here often to see what new books I add to my list!