Being-Brave: How to be Brave




If you are like me, you may have ignored the essential YOU for most of your life


You may have put everything and everyone ahead of YOU


Not because you were self-less but because it was easier


Easier to look outside than in


Because you were afraid…


…that there was nothing inside you


…that you would never know joy, happiness, freedom


Afraid they were not yours to have


If you are like I was, you may not know how to find your path


You may not know where it starts, let alone where it leads


You may feel like you are broken


That the path of inner wisdom, meditation, transcendence, the spirit is not available to you


That you do not work that way


That you are trapped in your day to day life, your job, your roles


We have so many


If you are like I was, you may feel like you do not belong, truly belong, in any of them


The roles you stepped into because of what you learned, what you saw, what you thought you had to do


You stepped onto a path that had been worn, carved, and beaten by those before you


By ancestors


By mothers




And great-grandmothers


If you are like I was, you may feel uncomfortable in your own skin


You may feel




You may have rejected your true self

Because she did not fit into the roles defined by others


You may not want to look at her

Because she does not fit any molds

She does not belong on any of those paths


If you are like I was, you may have stifled your genuine you-ness in order to fit in, to not make waves, to hunker down and make it through without being seen




If you are like I was, you may not know what your true self wants to say


You may feel choked up






And when you cannot bear it anymore


When the pain of being separated from your true self is greater than the fear of the unknown


You will begin looking for your path


Like the caterpillar destined to transform


You will dive into a cocoon of your own making


Into the darkness


to unmake the self you have created


To break yourself down to the bare bones


To the truth of who you are


And it will be the most terrifying thing you have ever done


Because there is no path before you


Because there is no one who has done this before


Because there is no knowing the outcome


And even so, you say YES.


You surrender to this unknown path.


You say ENOUGH






And when you do, although you feel alone, there are forces that gather around you, helping you


And when you make your choice


When you speak your desire with the deep emotion you surely feel


There is an answer


And the path opens up


The first step reveals the second


And slowly you move into the darkness and the unknown you fear


And bravely you go into the darkest places


The ones you avoided


The ones you shut away


The ones you tried to forget about


The ones you DID forget about


And bit by bit


Piece by piece


Brave step by brave step


You recover who you truly are


Knitting together so many lost elements


Healing all the broken bits


Retrieving the gems and the treasures long forgotten


Freeing the demons


Because you are brave


You are the hero of your life


And heroes are not fearless


A true hero is merely the one who stands up to her fear and says YES

I am afraid

I do not know the path

I do not know the outcome



I will take this first step

And then I will take the next step

And the next step

Knowing that I know nothing

Knowing that there is no map

Knowing that there will be things harder than I can imagine

Knowing this is a mission without an end

Because the path of ME is the only one worth walking


I am afraid

And I am doing it anyway.

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