Creating Your “YES” Art — Part 1


What you will need:

—A journal
—Something to write with
—20 minutes


Do you want to make YES art but need help getting started? Here's a great first step. It is a great way to start expanding and retraining your neural pathways...building your right-brain muscle!

Set aside 20-30 minutes. Get out your journal and write a list of 50 things you have ever wanted to do, have, be, feel, experience, etc. No holds barred. Let your imagination run wild. if you have your own genie granting all your wishes.

You may discover some subconscious dialog as you are writing. Use a separate piece of paper to write down any thoughts that pop up (such as "this is crazy...that could never happen...I am not smart enough, pretty enough, young enough, old enough, thin enough, strong enough..." you get the idea!)

You will want to stop at some point...feeling you have depleted your supply of dreams. Keep going. Push yourself to write all 50!

Ready for more? Continue on to PART 2.

Learn more about the #YESextravaganza below.

Say YES!


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