Creating Your “YES” Art — Part 2


What you will need:

—Your list of 50 things
—A journal
—Something to write with
—30 minutes


Read through your list (see PART 1) and highlight the items that you have a strong response to. It may be that your heart leaps, or it may be that you feel a strong fear or judgement. Both of these strong reactions indicate that there is growth and healing available for you, if you so choose.

Next, look over your highlighted items and select three that you want to work with and, for each of them, do the following:


Close your eyes and take 3 deep slow breaths. Focus on the item you have selected, bring it into your mind, and engage your imagination. See it clearly. If it is an experience, see yourself having this experience. Begin to imagine yourself having this thing, and remember how that feels. How do you feel now that you have this thing? What does it mean for you, your self-worth, your sense of security, your sense of belonging, your relationships. What does it mean that you have this thing? What obstacles and objections did you overcome to achieve this? How does that make you feel?

NOTE: Be careful of details. Details can trip us up because they engage the left brain. If you notice yourself struggling trying to work out HOW this thing is going to work, come to you, etc., that is an indication you have switched from imagination (right brain) to analysis and problem solving (left brain). Just let the details go, take a deep breath, and go back to the images and the feelings.


Open your eyes, and write in your journal about what you just felt, imagined, and experienced. Write freely, stream-of-consciousness style. Write from the perspective of the you who already has this, of the you who said "YES" to this.


Look over what you have written and see if there are words which summarize perfectly the feelings and experiences of this you who said YES. See if you can find or come up with 3-5 words and write them down and highlight or circle them...somehow calling them out. You will be using these in the next step.

Repeat this process for as many of the items on your list of 50 as desired.


That's it for part 2. Look for part 3 soon! And speaking part 3, you will want to gather some other supplies:

—a canvas or heavy paper (size is all up to you!)
—acrylic paints
—paint markers (optional)
—something to protect the surface you are working on
—paper towels

See you next time!

XOXOXOXO — Larissa


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