Creating Your “YES” Art — Part 4


What you will need:

—Your art (where you wrote your web of words
—acrylic paints
—paint markers (optional)
—something to protect the surface you are working on
—paper towels


I like to start with a blue, such as cerulean or phalo, a yellow such as cadmium yellow medium, a red such as cadmium red medium, magenta, and white. Depending on the size of your art, you will want to put more or less paint on your palette. With any color, get some paint on your brush and start outlining the word YES. You can make one big yes and add smaller ones as decoration. You can outline the YES and color the background but leave the "letters" empty, showing the web through them. You can paint thickly, covering the web, or water down your paints so the web shows through. It is all up to you, and I strongly encourage you to just dive in and do what comes to mind. There is no right or wrong, and your SOUL wants you to be free and to PLAY. We cann't be free when we are over-thinking. That is a left-brain process that really jams up the creative process.

There is absolutely NOTHING you can do wrong here.

If you want to make something stand out more, consider how you are using constrast. If your letters are dark, make your background lighter. Use an outline to bring something forward. Use complimentary colors (red-green, yellow-purple, blue-orange) to make things pop.

NOTE: Because my painting had a layer of paint on it before I added my web of words, it creates a different effect than a white surface with the web on it. If you want to achieve something similar, try painting a layer of watered-down colors over your web to add some color but not hide your web. Then, after that is dry, outline YES and start adding more opaque color as desired.

I do want to emphasize again the importance of the feeling. A lot of times when we create we cricize what we are doing. Not only does this make us feel is actually to total opposite of what you created this art for. So, whenever you notice those critical voices, pause, close your eyes, and return to the word at the center of your web. Allow any images of that FEELING to bring you deeper, and return you to the web. And then, go back to painting. Paint with your eyes closed. It does not matter what this looks like. In fact I just am going to tosee this out long as you are feeling the things in your web while you do not even need to paint yes. I am totally serious. You can close your eyes, feel the feelings in your web, and paint...and those feelings will be carried through your hand, through the brush, into the paint, and those good feeling vibrations will fill your creation. And that is when the magic happens.


BEFORE YOU PAINT: Take a photo so you have your WEB of WORDS to refer to as you paint, reminding you to focus on those good feelings!


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