A quick mind-expanding exercise

For this exercise you will need 10 minutes, paper and a pen.

This is a creative brainstorm session for your life. For best results, give yourself permission to daydream.

Step 1

Start writing a list of things you want to do, be, have, experience, etc. Your goal is 50 things!

Write and write...nothing is too big or too small. Do not judge anything...it all belongs there. You can edit the list later.

NOTE: You may encounter resistance. The people I work with often peter out in the 20s. This daydreaming can be hard work when you are not used to it. Push yourself. You are building new neural pathways. When you find a limiting thought arise ("That can never happen" "In your Dreams!") let it go and keep writing. You are on the right track! You will find a flow.


If you find yourself stuck, try thinking terms of categories like spirituality, fun, leisure, self-care, creativity, financial security, career, family, relationship, health, fitness, community and friends.

Step 2

Once you have your list (and yes, it is OK to take a break if you need to! This right brain work can be hard if your are not used to it! I recommend dark chocolate.) you are ready for the next step.

Look your list over and circle items that:

1) Excite you

2) Terrify you

These are your passion points, the things that are resonating with your soul. Copy these to a new list.

Start with the first one and close your eyes for a moment. Breathe deeply in and breathe out any stress or limiting beliefs or judgements. Keep breathing and imagine that this thing has become a reality. Now ask yourself:

1) What has changed as a result? How does this impact your life? Relationships? Work? Family?

2) How do you feel?

Now open your eyes and write...write about the life in which this thing has happened. Write about how you feel, and about all the changes you imagined above. Allow yourself to dream into this change.

That’s it...congrats! Of course, you can now go to the next item on your list, and the next...you get the idea.

What’s next?

Check out the soul scribble exercise (link below). It is a great way to get guidance on how to make the changes you desire.