Exploring vibrant colors and freedom of movement as I let energy flow is key to my creative process, and nothing helped me more in freeing up my approach to life’s challenges and art than the technique I am sharing in the Watershed Workshop.

If you feel called to this experience, but also feel some fear or self-doubt, I understand. I remember that feeling.

About 6 months before I began the process of mending my soul, I was attending a creative retreat with delicious creative workshops to choose from. I read the descriptions, and one workshop called out to me. I felt the invitation …a chance to look inside and create… and I was both attracted and filled with fear.

At the time I did not have the courage to explore my feelings so I delayed making a decision until the class was full. I see now that my soul was asking me to begin my healing journey.

All this to say, if you are afraid, if you feel like there are performance expectations, if you fear looking inside and coming up empty, if you fear looking inside and being paralyzed…whatever your fear is telling you, it is not true. I have been where you are. I know some of what you feel. And I know that you are deeper and more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Take my hand and let’s jump in…the water is beautiful.

Your soul is waiting with open arms.

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