Creative Goddess Academy: Overcome self-doubt, find your passion, express the true you

Have you ever felt life is passing you by and you haven’t expressed your true self?

If you are yearning to find your passion and your path, to live an expressive, creative life, it can be triggering to see women living their dreams, doing passionate, meaningful work, and expressing themselves with authenticity: Women who are embodying the creative goddesses they are.

You can feel resentful, or even offended. Because the life they are living feels intimidating and totally out of reach.

You may see women creating with an abandon and passion that seems almost audacious, yet for you, perfectionism, self-doubt, and lack of inspiration make authentic creative expression seem impossible.

You secretly yearn to know your true calling in life and follow it with bravery and boldness…but how? Do those women have something you don’t? NO!

You can do it, too! Just imagine...

Being filled with inspiration and expressing yourself prolifically.

Letting go of perfectionism, self-doubt, and judgement to free your authentic creative expression.

Knowing exactly what you really want in life. Never again looking outside yourself for the answers!

Being able to hear and follow your intuition, trusting that it will guide you to exactly what is best for you.

Brave Creativity: overcome self-doubt and live the passionate, connected life you deserve

You, too, can discover your passion, overcome self-doubt, and live the brave, creative life you desire

Is being creative a waste of time?

No. But you do need a new mindset!

If you are approaching each creation like it has to be perfect, looking for inspiration outside yourself, and constantly chasing new techniques in hopes that these will be the answer, you will never free your authentic self-expression.

This approach to creativity sets a standard that is impossible to meet and crushes your authentic creative voice. If you are approaching creativity this way then you are likely feeling stuck and unsatisfied, if you are being creative at all.

It is time to redefine your relationship with creativity.

Another limiting approach to creativity is the belief that what you make has to serve a function. With this mindset, if your creation does not serve a purpose it is a waste of time.

This definition of creativity limits your expression. Starting with the end in mind keeps you focused on results rather than expressing your inspiration. It limits experimentation, creativity, and true self-expression.

Brave Creativity: overcome self-doubt and live the passionate, connected life you deserve

The secret to freeing your creativity is trusting that inspiration is within you. It is a wild, untamable mustang ready to take you to places unknown, if you will only let it run!

Brave Creativity: overcome self-doubt and live the passionate, connected life you deserve

By using a specific approach to creativity, I have become a prolific, soulful creator, discovered my true voice, and bravely express myself in all areas of my life. And what’s more, this approach has helped me overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs...and awaken the Creative Goddess within me.

Yes, I am a prolific creator of soul-expressive art. And you can’t do that with the same-old mindset about creativity! (Believe me, I tried! And it got me a closet full of unused supplies, a whole lot of self-doubt, and a complete lack of inspiration!)

In six months I had produced enough pieces of art to fill a 10' x 10' tent and attend my first art festival. Not to mention the true win, I found my passion and was pursuing my dreams.

Here’s why Creative Goddess Academyis the best way to live the passionate, expressive life you long for.

The basic tenets you learn will help you live a creative, passionate life in every way.

Embrace the unknowable. When it comes right down to it, as much as we try to control our lives, our control just gets in the way of the free, expressive lives we crave. Creative Goddess Academy teaches you to embraces this unknowable aspect of art and life, leading to less stress and more serendipity.

Bust self-doubt! By using creativity as a tool for dialing into your inner wisdom, your intuition and confidence increase to help you overcome self-doubt both in your art and in your life.

Reframe negative thoughts! Negative thoughts and false beliefs keep us in a cage (not to mention, Creative Goddesses hate them!). They stop us from taking chances, following our dreams, and feeling good about ourselves. In Creative Goddess Academy, you will learn how to uncover and change negative thoughts.

Awaken your imagination. Imagine experiencing creativity as a tool to dream, like when you were a girl, engaging your powerful mind to catalyze transformation in your life instead of keeping you mired in self-doubt and fear! When you free your creative goddess, miracles happen!

It takes hard work and earnest dedication to make the transformation from closet artist to Creative Goddess. But you can absolutely experience transformations like me and my students have.

The biggest benefit for me was discovering “what no longer serves me” and letting go of it. Now, when my inner voices start playing those old tapes about not being good enough, or I feel anger rising for some reason, I am ... breaking free!!
Creative Goddess Lea V.
“Life-enhancing, soul-enhancing! It was so positive, so joyous, how could anyone not go on and follow their heart? I look at my painting and the rich color makes me want to sing or yell with delight! And you got us to find so much “information” about ourselves. So useful! And fun!”
Creative Goddess Betsy N.
“Larissa coached me through negativity. My skepticism slid away...I painted with a grain of precision and an abundance of abandon. I came to life. I could feel a sensation coursing through my body, lighting me up, and reverberating out—I was happy.
Creative Goddess Cate P.

I created Creative Goddess Academy to give you the complete process I have used to become overcome self-doubt and authentically express myself!

I wasn’t always a creative goddess. I know what it is like to go to a job that feels like the wrong fit. I know what it is like to devote the best years of your life to everything and everyone BUT you and your creative expression.

And I know how scary it is to begin this process, to ask yourself the tough questions and dive into those parts of yourself you have avoided for…well, ever!

When I started my journey, I had just experienced two major life changes…loss of my soul-sucking corporate job, and departure of my oldest child for college. I was adrift. It felt as though a hole had been punched right through me. My inner world was rocking.

And I felt like my life was passing me by and I had not ever, ever truly expressed myself.

I was exhausted, I had no inspiration.

My art supplies had been hidden in a closet for years.

I said I would be creative someday, but I did not believe I was an artist.

If I created something, it had to be a gift for someone else or something practical!

And I felt like I was missing out. That there was something I should be doing, something that would bring me a sense of purpose and passion and satisfaction.

But I had no idea how to find it.

I desperately wanted to fill that hole with something, anything.

But I knew just filling the hole would not get me what I truly desired: A brave, expressive, passionate, purposeful life.

That’s when things changed

With a key shift in intention and mindset, within a year I went from feeling depressed and despondent, never creating anything, and believing I was not an artist, to being filled with inspiration, passion, and purpose. I had the courage to start building a new soul-centered creative business. I had the inspiration to create with abandon.

Within two years I had enough art to fill a gallery, I was leading workshops, and had completed a month-long artist residency. I had learned how to use creativity to unlock my inner truth, express my true self, and bust through self-doubt, procrastination, and indecision. I had stopped trying to paint like someone else and started was authentically.

Brave Creativity: overcome self-doubt and live the passionate, connected life you deserve

Creative Goddess Academy compiles the best tools & approaches I’ve learned into a transformative process to free your creative expression!

Creative Goddess Academy: Overcome self-doubt, find your passion, express the true you

In Creative Goddess Academy I am showing you the exact practices I’ve used and the steps I’ve taken to transform my life.

I believe your creativity is your secret weapon, and I am going to show you how to use it to increase your self-worth, connect to your inspiration, and express yourself with authenticity.

Creative Goddess Academy is the only course you need to unlock your creative potential and start living the passionate, expressive life you desire. And yes, I will show you the fun and expressive painting style that has successfully helped my students create paintings they love, and show you tips for getting your painting from the “ugly duckling” stage to “I LOVE IT!!!!” Even if you have never painted before. Get your creativity out of the closet and finally express from the inside out! No holds barred, no judgement, and no indecision!


Enrolling in CGA you get immediate access to all materials and the private CGA Facebook group. CGA will be live again starting March 24, 2020 so you can be part of the live calls, PAINTogether, and graduation. You'll get all the info through the FB group and email.

Larissa’s focus on the “journey” and not the outcome allowed me to CREATE!
Creative Goddess Maureen T.
“Loved this. Energizing. You are amazing and inspiring.
Creative Goddess Joy S., first-time painter

Don’t let life pass you by without expressing yourself!

I am going to show you how to overcome self-doubt and become a brave creative goddess!

It is not about luck, and that is a good thing.

The Creative Goddess Academy is about overcoming your limiting beliefs, self-doubts, negative thoughts, and inner critic. It is about gaining the skills to be able to hear and trust your intuition and let your creativity flow freely. It is about learning the tools to uncover your passion and follow that passion to the next phase of your life.

And I am going to show you exactly the techniques and steps I took to do it.

I can’t wait to see what Creative Goddess Academy does for you!

As a member of Creative Goddess Academy, you are going to:

Discover your Soul’s Intention

Ignite Your Inspiration

Rewrite Negative Beliefs

Quiet Your Mind

Bust Through Self-Doubt

Enhance Your Intuition

Learn Your Soul Language

Become a Creative Goddess!

Paint Your Creative Goddess Portrait

Let’s take a look at what you will learn in each module

  • MODULE 1: Setting your Course

    • Find out how to identify your deepest and truest goal (spoiler alert…it may not be what you think it is!)
    • Create perfectly worded intentions that are true to you (nothing cookie-cutter here!)
    • Learn creative processes to support your intention
    • Discover the power of affirmations to create a mindset that supports your goal and busts negative beliefs
  • MODULE 2: Read the Signs, Color

    • Explore the language of color
    • Mark-making and texture
  • MODULE 3: Language of the Creative Goddess

    • Discover your personal symbols and how to understand them
    • Sacred Symbols and their meaning in your life
    • The chakras
  • MODULE 4: Letting Go

    • Learn Intuitive Intentional Painting and free your creative flow
    • Guided journey to discover and release obstacles.
    • By the end of this module you will have created 6 paintings
  • MODULE 5: Creative Goddess Jail Break!

    • In this module we put it all together, your destination, intention, affirmations, painting, and your imagination!
    • Experience the powerful, meditative aspects of painting
    • Discover and release limiting beliefs and ideas
    • Find and free your creative goddess in a big, brave, intuitive, intentional painting expressing your personal transformation to the creative goddess in you!
    • This final piece becomes medicine for your transformation, to carry you forward.
  • Brave Creativity: overcome self-doubt and live the passionate, connected life you deserve

Bonuses, you ask?

But of course!

In addition to the course modules and videos, Check out the bonuses you get when you enroll:

Private Facebook Community ($97 value)

You will have access to the private brave creativity Facebook group where you will share your breakthroughs and questions as you work through the course. The support in this group is priceless.

Studio Worksheets ($97)

Worksheets and course material PDFs so you do not have to be “at your computer” for every part of the course

Live Group Coaching Calls ($197)

5 live group calls where you can ask your questions and receive direct support from me and other students

Live Group Painting ($47)

1 exclusive live group painting session (on ZOOM) just for course enrollees. I demonstrate techniques and answer your questions. You paint along, share when you get stuck, and receive priceless feedback and support.

Graduation Celebration (priceless)

A commencement ceremony to mark the conclusion of this journey and celebrate the gifts you received and will bring forward on your path. Live on ZOOM.

Creative Goddess Academy: Overcome self-doubt, find your passion, express the true you


Enrolling in CGA you get immediate access to all materials and the private CGA Facebook group. CGA will be live again starting March 24, 2020 so you can be part of the live calls, PAINTogether, and graduation. You'll get all the info through the FB group and email.

Creative Goddess Academy is for you if you want to find your passion, discover your true voice, and express yourself with brave abandon

You’re going to fall head over heels for Brave Creativity if…

– You are ready to say goodbye to self-doubt, perfectionism, and self-criticism

– You want tools to build your intuition and self-awareness

– You have struggled to find inspiration and just wish you could find your creative flow

– You are tired of making excuses for why you are not being creative

– You are SO OVER taking techniques classes and just want to express the true you without worrying about perfection!

– You are ready to approach creativity with a powerful and liberating new mindset

I have to be honest, though. You are not going to like Creative Goddess Academy if you are looking for a quick fix

The Creative Goddess Academy is powerful and it works much faster than trying to figure things out on your own, but only if you are willing to put in the time and dedication.

I take you through the exact process I used to go from a wallflower closet creative, to a fully recovered artist and brave creative goddess, but ultimately you have got to do the work. It takes commitment, dedication, time, and a willingness to go where you have not gone before.

This course is also best for people who have some creative experience. You do not have to have a degree, by any means, but you will get the most out of this course if you are looking to recover your creativity and express yourself in a brave new way.

Here are some good signs that you should not join the Creative Goddess Academy

You want a course that will teach you how to make a specific painting, or achieve a certain painting technique

You are looking for someone else to give you the answers and tell you what you should do

You want a quick and easy way to find your passion and direction in life (good luck with that!)

It’s OK if you are nervous or have doubts. Once you get inside this course it will all start to click into place.

We all have strong self-protection instincts: Those parts of our personality that keep us safe from the unknown.

And what you are doing here is saying a big YES to stepping over the threshold into the vast unknown of a creative, passionate life. Of course, it is scary. Of course, you have doubts.

But trust me, once you enroll and get inside this course, and start working through the modules, and meeting the other women who are just as scared as you, it will all come together!

You will have “aha” moments and personal break-throughs.

And it makes me so happy when I see that happening for my students because here’s what I know for sure:

It is time for you to believe in yourself, to know you are a creative goddess, to express yourself in all areas of your life with freedom and authenticity. It is time for you to know exactly how you feel and shout it from the roof tops.

It is time for you to take the lid of your brilliant self and step into the glorious life you deserve.

This is your chance to follow your dreams, to finally take care of you, to nurture the creative goddess that you are, and find the happiness and balance you deserve.

Don’t let this opportunity pass.
It’s time to take action.

Brave Creativity: overcome self-doubt and live the passionate, connected life you deserve`

So, who is this brave creative goddess showing you the path to your best and bravest life?

I am your teacher, Larissa Davis.

Creative Goddess... it sounds audacious, right? But it wasn’t always the case. I have only recently become a creative goddess.

The story begins when I lost a big corporate job and felt a gaping hole in my life. Who was I without that soul-sucking job? And what was my purpose and my passion? I dove in to find out, and a few months later I had a dream that showed me I could use painting to heal myself and predict the future! Dreams, right? But this one really called to me so I pulled out a journal and began sketching. As I sketched my mind got quiet. It was better than meditation. I was hooked!

Then I discovered intentional art, where art is a way to focus on a goal or desire. This revolutionized my relationship with creativity and freed me in a way I had never felt before. Along the way I became a certified Creatively Fit Coach.

Now, I am an artist, writer, speaker, and (as I mentioned above) a creative goddess. My mission is to create beauty and inspire women to discover their passion, and live the brave, expressive lives they deserve.

100% Guarantee

You get 14 days to test-drive Creative Goddess Academy. If it is not for you, you will get a full refund.

Not sure ifCreative Goddess Academy is for you? Give it a whirl and see what you think. If after two weeks you are not satisfied, let me know. If you have done the work and have not found it helpful, I will issue a full refund.

I offer this guarantee because I believe so strongly in the contents ofCreative Goddess Academy and I want you to see how transformative this course can be, risk-free.

Are you ready to take the leap and start your brave, creative, expressive life?


Enrolling in CGA you get immediate access to all materials and the private CGA Facebook group. CGA will be live again starting March 24, 2020 so you can be part of the live calls, PAINTogether, and graduation. You'll get all the info through the FB group and email.

You’ve got questions!

Check out these FAQs

When does the Academy start?

As a self-guided course, you will move through the materials at your own pace, starting and ending when you choose. It is designed to be completed in 4-5 weeks.

Where are the course materials located?

All materials, downloadables, and videos are accessed through a dropbox folder.

How do I access the group calls and when are they?

When the course runs again, you will receive notice through the private fb group with all the call information. Group calls happen on Zoom.

What if I miss a group call?

All calls are recorded for access anytime.

What materials do I need?

You will need acrylic paints, brushes, canvases, a journal. There will be a few more things and more details in the materials list you will receive in your Welcome Packet.

Creative Goddess Academy: Overcome self-doubt, find your passion, express the true you

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I am excited to welcome you to Creative Goddess Academy and to celebrate the amazing goddess you discover, embody, and paint! Bless you and welcome!

—C.G. Larissa

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