Emerge: Intentional Art

Emerge was created as a medtiation and manifestation of my soul quest for unity of self.

Emerge begins

I began by writing on a blank canvas. My words were my bond, my mantra, my meditation, and my intention. Unity.

In August 2017 I had made a commitment. Outl oud I promised myself that I would take no action, take no steps ahead, make no major changes until I had unified myself, until I had forged a line of communication with my inner voice, my soul.

To the left you can see the painting after the focus had revealed itself. After writing, then adding a layer of blue and purple color, then adding a mandala and more words, I knew my image had to be added to this piece. Self-portraiture had been an important part of my art for many years before I had given it up. Bringing it back in this new form, my soul work, my soul path, was healing.

After the painting had revealed its direction above, I had an energetic experience in the early hours of the morning at the tail end of a dream. It was a dream, but the experience I had was physical and metaphysical. It was familiar to me because a few months earlier, several nights after having energy work done, I experienced energy exiting my body, an energy which had been trapped in me, neglected, and had been freed through the work we accomplished in the energy session. The experience had also happened as part of an early morning dream.

The dream which lead to my second energetic experience was as follows:

I am in a cafe. It is a lively place, and full of love. The feeling of love is palpable. A couple is at the counter ordering. They are deeply connected, deeply energetically sympathetic. The barista is vibrant, cheerful, suggesting which of the delicious pastries they would enjoy most. The rich chocolate is particularly tempting. They taste it and I can experience it even though I am in another room. I can hear every word they say even though I am far away. Where I stand I notice a vibration. The entire building feels like it is experiencing a quaking, but unlike a tremor, it is rhythmic and continuous. I turn to the musician who is in the room near me. "Is it always like this here?" I ask. He smiles and nods. At that moment I transcend. I feel a tingling all through my body and a tightening as if I am being squeezed up and out the top of my head. My consciousness is cast up into the heavens. I look around and I see the universe, the stars, and as I observe a patchwork grid seems to appear in the space around me.




You can see in the image on the right and below how I incorporated the grid-like tapestry and the universe and stars from the transcence experience

I searched online images to get ideas to help me represent the experience of space that I felt when I was out of my body. There are so many beautiful and uplifting images taken of the heavens, but the pinks and blues drew me in. I was not satisfied with how they looked upon first attempt, and discovered that it took a considerable amount of layering to achieve the look I desired.

The beaufy of intentional art is that the feeling, energy, and meaning of the art is what drives everything. When you begin that is all you know. You do not have an outcome in mind. The image builds, as your soul communicates to you through intuition, dreams, experiences and ideas what wants to move from the field of energy to the field of the physical.