5-minute creativity exercise to stop self-doubt, increase self-confidence, and figure out what you want

Larissa_Davis-SoulPathArtist-Discover-Your-Soul-PathHi there, I am Larissa Davis, Soul Path Artist and Certified Creatively Fit Coach. This exercise is near and dear to my heart because it is fun, quick, and offers so many benefits like strengthening your intuition, building your self-confidence, awakening your creativity, and providing guidance on a problem or situation that is on your mind.

When we do not express ourselves creatively it becomes hard to express ourselves in all areas of our lives. Bottled creative expression can compound into feeling increased stress, sadness, anger, and more. The routines in our lives provide a sense of stability and safety, but we can also get stuck in those routines and stop seeing the possibilities and potential all around us. So, finding ways to exercise our creativity keeps our perspective fresh and our minds open to wonder, optimism, and possibility. Read on to try this fun 5-minute creativity exercise.

5-Minute Creativity Exercise
Soul Scribble

Before you begin, have something to write with and a piece of paper, ideally 8.5" x 11" unlined paper.

What issue or situation you would like guidance about? Avoid yes or no questions in favor of something more open ended like “What do I need to know about...” If nothing specific comes to mind, you might ask “What do I need to know right now?” Write it down on your paper (it can be small as it is just for reference when you look back at this later.)

5-Minute Exercise for Creativity: Expressive Art Creativity Exercise to Boost Intuition and Creativity

Flip your paper over to the blank side. With your pen or pencil in your non-dominant hand, close your eyes and scribble for 3-5 seconds. Make it a big scribble, not a doodle. You are not trying to make anything related to your question. This is literally just a scribble. If you scribble any longer than 3-5 seconds, your left brain will try to control it and make it into something nameable, recognizable. The key is to scribble without thinking about it BEING anything.

Open your eyes and look at your scribble. You are looking to see what jumps out at you. What do you see? Think of this as cloud gazing and keep looking until something appears. You can turn your paper any direction you like. Try de-focusing your eyes.

5-Minute Exercise for Creativity: Expressive Art Creativity Exercise to Boost Intuition and Creativity

Once you recognize something in your scribble, use your pen (or markers or crayons) to make that image as clear as possible. Add elements you feel would help make it clearer. There are no rights or wrongs here. This is not a work of art, it is playful. Add anything you want! Play!.

After 5 minutes stop and write down 5 words that come to mind as you are looking at your image.

5-Minute Exercise for Creativity: Expressive Art Creativity Exercise to Boost Intuition and Creativity

5- Minute Creativity Exercises to boost creativity, build intuition, and answer questions!

Sometimes the message comes through loud and clear without any effort at all. Other times the message is vague, like a weird dream you cannot understand. For my complete tips on how to uncover the meaning in your scribble and clarify your answers, as well as an additional way to use this exercise, grab this free PDF: 5-Minute Creativity Exercises: Right Brain Exercises to Boost Intuition and Creativity.


5-minute scribble exercise to overcome self-doubt

Let me know how it goes

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