Firestarter Paint Night

Thursday, May 31 | 7-9pm | Biddeford

Wednesday, May 16 | 7-9pm | Cornish

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Ignite your Inner Fire!

This is a paint-night with a Soul-Path twist! We will create with intention, exploring painting as moving meditation on feeling or energy you want in your life. Play with colors, shapes, and textures as your left brain takes a break and your creative right-brain kicks into gear.
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No previous experience is needed as you are guided through a simple 4-step painting process. You will be painting what YOU feel moved to create. Keep it abstract or add a focal image to act as a talisman for your intention.


Possible side-effects

Soul Path Art is a freeing process, and painting can be addictive so I offer these warnings in the interest of full-disclosure! You may experience:

  • — Freedom from limiting thoughts
  • — Connection to inner guidance
  • — Feelings of expansive, giddy possibility

— Addiction to Painting

Seriously, no art experience needed

Be the artist of your life

The truth is that we are ALL creative, but most of us stopped our creative flow at some point. It may have been a teacher, family member, or your inner critic that stopped you from expressing yourself. Let Firestarter jump-start your creativity so you can contineu your greatest creative project: YOU!

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    May 31
    7:00-9:00 pm
    $45 Includes Materials

    Flourish, Biddeford

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  • brush

    May 16
    7:00-9:00 pm
    $45 Includes Materials

    Cornish, ME

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What People Are Saying about Soul Path Workshops

  • “Fun. New ideas. Expression. Awesome energy & guidance got us thinking outside the box.”
  • “Positive energy! Nice flow! A group of strangers became fast friends through this inviting, warm, expressive experience.”
    Jenny K.
  • “I enjoyed your style of teaching. Very positive, non-judgmental, and made me laugh!”
  • “Thank you for a fun night exploring the unexplored! New listening skills, keeping present.”
  • “This workshop was fun, full of energy, support, reassurance, motivating, inspiring, & juicy!”
    Rosemary N.
  • The biggest benefit for me was discovering “what no longer serves me” and letting go of it. Now, when my inner voices start playing those old tapes about not being good enough, or I feel anger rising for some reason, I am ... breaking free!!
    Lea V.
  • “This workshop was enlightening to the importance of self reflection to maintain our direction in our often hectic lives. It also validates the importance + creativity. Thank you!”
  • “...A real confidence booster creatively. I have always had a lot of anxiety around being creative artistically. There was no right or wrong way to paint...I love the way the canvas is a metaphor for life.”
    Erin F.
  • “I am not the kind of person who has EVER signed up for an art class, but Larissa's focus on the "journey" and not the outcome allowed me to CREATE!”
    Maureen T.
  • “Thank you so much for an enlightening and fun workshop of creating and soul searching. Since then l have found myself more open to different ideas and means of expression.”
    Jane K.
  • “Personal insights! Great interaction with Larissa and other participants...Absolutely fun!”
    Pam P.
  • “Life-enhancing, soul-enhancing! It was so positive, so joyous, how could anyone not go on and follow their heart? I look at my painting and the rich color makes me want to sing or yell with delight! And you got us to find so much "information" about ourselves. So useful! And fun!”
    Betsy N.

Meet Larissa

In August 2016 I felt disconnected, and sensed that I was making choices and decisions for the wrong reasons...from fear. So I made a pledge not to make any major decisions until I was unified, listening to my inner guidance. After several months of inner work and soul searching, in January 2017, a dream showed me I could use painting as a daily meditative practice to create the future. I broke out my forgotten art supplies and dusted off my skills. I started drawing my cats (you can see these photos on instagram and immediately noticed how drawing brought me to a meditative state where the endless stream of thoughts in my mind slowed and quieted. I now share these amazing techniques with others in hopes that they, too, will find unity and unleash their true selves!

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