Follow the Fear

Let fear and resistance be an invitation

A brave group of women gathered at the workshop I lead last week. Each admitted to thinking how much easier it would have been to come with a friend. But they consciously decided to come solo, to be brave and vulnerable in a new situation with complete strangers.

As they introduced themselves, I was awed by their stories of following their fear. From fear of mortality to fear of not living up to their potential, to the fears that keep us in hiding, quieting our true voice, and running for the shadows, these women are showing up, saying "HELL YEAH!" to life, and respectfully showing fear the way out.

What these women are showing all of us is that fear is an invitation. Whenever fear or resistance arises, it is just our soul shining a light ...showing us the path forward. I call these clues from my soul breadcrumbs. A trail left for the me down here on the physical plane to see and follow for growth and healing. We can take the path and look at what the fear is showing us... or not. There is no right or wrong. Sometimes we are ready, sometimes we are not.

I take my hat off to all of you who have followed your fear, with eyes and heart open, asking "what are you and why are you here?" I bow to all of you who have leaned into your resistance rather than bounced away in the other direction.

You brave souls, you light the way! You are the examples for others who have not yet been able to look their fear in the eye. You are the leaders, showing those of us who have not yet felt the freedom of diving in deep, searching our dark caves, and knowing the truth behind our fears. As you heal yourselves you give us all permission to do the same.

I invite you to watch this video I made, inspired by YOU. And then, join the conversation in our private facebook group The Soul Path Network and share your story of following your fear.



Music with a Message

I recently came across this beautiful song by Facesca Battistelli about fear. It and many of the songs on her album “Own It” have been inspiring me as I paint. Enjoy.


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Not sure how to get started following your fear? Remember, fear is your ally, so next time it pops up  thank it for lighting the way to your truth. In this free guide I share an exercise that helped me by putting a face on my fear. LEARN MORE

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