Freely Given

Like the name says, freely given is the act of offering what one does freely. I am exploring this idea here, with artwork created by me offered to you freely. If something here speaks to you, you are invited to have it in exchange for an offering of your choice. As these are real items that need shipping, at a minimum you will be covering that cost. Whatever you wish to offer beyond that is entirely up to you.

Why give freely? Freely given is a way to allow what I create to flow even more freely, and to not get stuck after it is created. Everything in life is a flow, and through freely given, as more of what I create flows out, I know more will flow in. I also sense that in offering items in this way, I will be creating more joyously and without restraining thoughts like “who would buy this?”

How it works I post all freely given art I create on this page. If a piece of art speaks to you, you send the shipping cost plus whatever else you feel called to offer to my venmo or paypal account, noting the name of the art and your mailing address. I package your art and send it to you. You get your art and enjoy!

What is the shipping cost? To see the shipping cost and name of the art, either tap (touch-screen device) or mouse-over (computer) the art. Note all shipping is within the continental US. Contact me ( for shipping outside the US.

How do I pay? Venmo me @Larissa-Davis-Artist and remember to include the name of the art and your mailing address. You can also send a check or money order to Larissa Davis c/o 529 New Settlement Road, Hiram Maine 04041.

Freely Given Artwork

Unless otherwise noted, artwork is 5" x 7", acrylic. To see art title and shipping cost click (desktop) or tap (touchscreen) the image.