How would you like to feel grounded, energized, and balanced as you start your new year?

Create sacred space in a circle of women as we move through a potent eclipse and full moon portal launching us into a year of expanding consciousness, positivity, and possibility.

Weaving movement, sound, and creative expression, this workshop is a fertile ground to seed your dreams and intentions. Through the angelic voice and sound healing of Andrea Wenger and the intuitive guidance of Soul Path Artist Larissa Davis, connect with your intuitive wisdom to move into this moon cycle and new year with clarity and intention.

The time for change is now. With the increasing frequencies the earth is now receiving, low-vibration thoughts, beliefs, and emotions create added pain and suffering when not released. Join in ritual to support each other moving beyond scarcity, fear, and judgment, into love, compassion, and acceptance.

The workshop includes a burn ceremony, hot tea or cider, chocolates, and a free gift.

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A sliding scale is offered to increase accessibility, regardless of income or economic means. Choose your amount of energy exchange below.

Registration required by January 8

Good Medicine Collective
231 York Street
Portland, ME 04102

Questions? Call Larissa 207-256-4156