Giving thanks is something I had to learn. I understood the principal, I heard countless people share the benefits, I read the books. But it did not entirely sink in. I mean, I understood and I even practiced gratitude, but it was not really integrated.

Let me explain.

I had used gratitdues before…citing 10 things I am grateful for when I wake, sharing gratitudes as part of various groups on Facebook. But it kind of felt like keeping up the the joneses. I am not saying it is not a good practice, because it is and it works…if you approach it in the proper space. I just wasn’t there. I approached it like something I HAD to do, like competition…very left-brain.

But this week I put 2 things together, art and gratitude, and it all clicked into place. I was inspired during morning journaling to create gratitude (prayer) flags for my July 28 workshop.

Now normally what I do in preparation for a workshop is a lot of STRESS!!!!! And a fair amount of WORRY and F.E.A.R. and pushing pushing pushing to make sure it happens as I want it to…which most often it does not. Been there? This really was me for most of my life…and it is not an easy habit to break.

But because this is my first workshop here at my home, my respite, my haven, my heaven on earth, my sacred, supportive bit of the planet, I wanted to leave that approach behind and take up something new…something peaceful and joyful and full of ease and truly reflective of both the intention of the event and of this bit of heaven I am so fortunate to spend most of my time inhabiting.

So now each morning before breakfast, I play the singing bowls, I sing, I tone, I pull a card from my 2 favorite decks, and I make art. I start by writing. I express gratitude, in the past tense, for the workshop, for the women who came, for the amazing insights we all had, for the sharing, for the art we all created. And I really feel into that…imagining how I feel at the end of the workshop. I imagine how everyone feels. And it is SO AMAZING! Then I paint the flag, often adding imagery inspired by the cards I pulled. Once I am done creating I release THAT energy to the universe, to our SOURCE and let the magic happen. I am still doing things to prepare, cleaning, organizing, adding elements the space needs. But the things I am doing are driven not by stress and worry but by this WONDERFUL feeling of completion, of thanks for the experience.

And that is it…every day from now until the morning of the workshop I am making one flag and adding it to the rafters of the studio. These colorful prayers of thanks will greet the Spirit Animal women on the day of the event. And I could not be happier.

How do you experience gratitude? Is it prayer? Is it part of your art making? Join the conversation at THE SOUL PATH NETWORK on Facebook.

Are you feeling called to be here for the Spirit Animal Workshop? You can learn more and register here.