Happy Anniversary Soul Path Art

What I have learned in the first year of my new business

Brunswick Outdoor Art Festival August 2017

Brunswick, Maine

Art fairs are great markers of time, and a year ago this Saturday Soul Path Art was born, making its first appearance in public at the Brunswick Outdoor Art Festival.

Like all birthdays and holidays, this anniversary affords the opportunity to reflect on what has come to pass in the past year, and I can say that it has been big. The biggest changes have been internal, so not really something I can measure with a scale or a chart. I have had a lot of house cleaning to do...a lot of old baggage to get out of the way in order to allow for the most possible success and happiness on this new venture. One example of an internal change is my feeling and sense of who and what I am...sort of an ego-level change that required a lot of deeper work to achieve: A year ago I strongly identified as a graphic designer and was just beginning to entertain the idea that I was an artist. This year, I am all in. I still have income from a graphic design business, but it is not what I identify with. I am an artist...and even more, I am a soul path quester. And I have realized just how expansive and never-ending the path of personal growth is! And I have come to appreciate that, unlike previous career moves which were cut and dried, this right-brain soul-calling is anything but.

So, what have I learned a year into this new business?

  • Slow Down

  • I have come to appreciate that things take time. I started this business with dreams of holding workshops right away. But I was essentially starting from scratch on a shoestring budget with no real contacts or email list. I thought al I had to do was post an event on Facebook and I would have people banging down my door. Well...
  • The Limits of Social Media

  • None of them filled. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but my big take-away was that I could not rely on social media, given my brand-new status, to do my marketing. In the end it has taken a lot of legwork. Speaking of that...

Face-to-Face is Best

Doing events has been amazing. I get out in my local community, talk to people, people see the art and get to know me. There is a level of trust and support with face-to-face connections. Another cool thing...repetition...people I meet at events often come to a workshop, or see me at other events!

Be Here Now

Events and workshops have taught me to suspend negative thoughts and worries and really BE HERE NOW. When I am at a show, time flies and connections are made when I am aligned/centered/connected/fill-in-your-term-here. And I am also happier. Recognizing when a worrisome thought pops up has been getting easier and easier, so I can get back to feeling good and being present in the moment.

Do What You Love

This is a big one. I am still working on it...but when I do what I love, everything works out. Holding the Spirit Animal Workshop here at my studio is a great example of this. I am recognizing that I have a lot of ideas and beliefs about what I have to do in order to "make it" in this business. If those ideas do not feel good, but I follow them because I think they are necessary, they fail time and again.

It is a Journey, Not a Race

This is maybe the top lesson I have received ....there is no end game, there is no finish line. My life is a journey and my task is to be aligned, do what I love, and let things flow and unfold. At some point there may be some "planning" that comes into it...but right now I am still unlearning a lot of left-brain habits so letting go and going with the flow seems to be what I need most.

Be True

I have had to embrace who I am and not try to be something or someone else. This comes down to ideas I had about what kind of person would be successful doing what I am doing. When I am genuinely me, my message is clear and it resonates with the people I am connecting with.

So, what’s up for the next year of Soul Path Art?

Following the lesson of doing what I love, in the coming year I am looking forward to:

More Workshops at My Home Studio

More Art Fairs...maybe even some travel!

More Online Classes

Live and pre-recorded, online classes will allow me to share what I do with more of you, and enable me to continue to teach from my very supportive home studio. This has become increasingly important for reasons which I will be sharing soon.

What anniversaries are coming up for you and what perspective can they afford you? hop over to my FB page to leave a comment.

And if you are going to be there this Saturday, I hope you have a chance to stop by and say hi! I will be on the Mall with the demonstrating artists.

with Love,



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