Healing Pathways Interviews — Ayurvedic Practitioner Agnieszka  Monsen


Welcome to the Healing Pathways Interview Series.

On my soul path I have benefited from a variety of healing arts, including yoga, sound, meditation, art therapy, crystals, and more. To celebrate these wonderful methods for personal growth and healing, I gathered a group of experts to share their experience with us. These are people who have helped me in person or over the magic of the web, and each shares practical advice to aid us on our path.

Ayurveda with Agnieszka Monsen

This second Healing Pathways interview is with Agnieszka Monsen. Agnieszka (Aga) is an Ayurvedic practitioner, Reiki practitioner, Heart-based meditation teacher, and spiritual counselor who I met at a festival in 2017. Aga was just finishing her Ayurvedic training at that point. We kept in touch, and this summer Aga came to my first workshop at the studio, and I visited her for an ayurvedic assessment.

Even though I had made many changes to my eating habits already, Aga gave me valuable advice on how to support my healing through other lifestyle changes, including more beneficial food choices based on my body's needs. Not all the changes were easy to make. My inner resistance kicked up a fuss at first. But with each change I have incorporated my energy and well-being have improved.

When it came to putting this series together, I knew Aga had to be part of it!

From Aga

Nature, the simplicity and logic of alternative approaches, we come to understand that everything is connected and part of a much greater Whole. Natural therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal treatments and relaxation techniques are gaining popularity. With so many options to consider, adequate methods of assessment and guidance become important.

Ayurveda in a truly holistic fashion encompasses all levels of life - the Mind, Body and Soul, and combines the knowledge and benefits of many different natural therapies to create a healing plan best suited to the individual. In this way, we can consciously and effectively rebalance and nurture ourselves by tailoring diet, spiritual development and natural treatments to our Prakriti (body type) and Vikriti (type of imbalance). As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, this is what I would love to help you with!

I am a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor, Heart Based Meditation teacher and a Reiki Practitioner. I received my training at the New World Ayurveda School in Gorham, Maine, a NAMA recognized academy. I live in Whitefield, Maine and this is also where I practice.

My love of Nature, and herbal teachings of my Grandmother led me to the study of Natural Healing Arts, instilled environmental awareness, and deepened my bond with the plant and animal kingdoms

I use the Ayurvedic knowledge of subtle energies represented in the pulse, and natural substances to assess the body’s state of balance and share how to harmonize the physiology with dietary and lifestyle recommendations to heal in the most natural way. In my everyday practice, I mostly work with people with digestive issues, sleep difficulties, anxiety and other stress related problems, and fatigue.

I am honored to assist others on their spiritual path and to be of service in time of need and turmoil. As an integral part of my practice, I teach Heart-Based Meditation to those who wish to develop cosmic awareness, calm the mind and reach greater attunement with the laws of Nature.

To learn more visit Aga’s website: rainglowholistichealing.com


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