Healing Pathways Interviews — Crystal Healing with Karen Adamski


Welcome to the Healing Pathways Interview Series.

On my soul path I have benefited from a variety of healing arts, including yoga, sound, meditation, art therapy, crystals, and more. To celebrate these wonderful methods for personal growth and healing, I gathered a group of experts to share their experience with us. These are people who have helped me in person or over the magic of the web, and each shares practical advice to aid us on our path.

Crystal Healing with Karen Adamski

This first Healing Pathways interview (and my first interview ever!) is with fellow-Creatively Fit Coach and Certified Crystal Healer Karen Adamski. Karen and I met through our training as Creativey Fit Coaches. But when I learned of her crystal wisdom (and her crystal shop on etsy!) I sought out both her crystals and advice!

Karen is a shamanic practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Creatively Fit Coach, artist, and teacher. After leaving a 27 year HR management career in the Silicon Valley, Karen chose to purposely transform her ‘career’ into what it is today…pretty much the complete opposite of corporate America. Today, Karen works with clients from all over the world to bring them healing in the form of vibrational medicine, meditation, art, nature, color, kindness and much more. By bringing community together, Karen loves to teach others how easy it is bring balance & beauty into their lives. Karen’s passion for living life as her true self, gives her the ability to easily connect with people, as well as all other living things. By sharing with others to break out of molds, and to walk in beauty on their own paths, Karen has helped hundreds of people understand the ease and simplicity of grounding and healing with vibration and energy. With all of her passions pulled together into one place, Karen has created a sacred space on the internet: www.ShamaMama.com this is a place YOU are ALWAYS WELCOME!

Karen’s teachable site is just launching a new 8-week Crystal Class. Check it out at shamamama.teachable.com.

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