Healing Pathways Interviews — Energy Healer Robin Hodsdon Morin


Welcome to the Healing Pathways Interview Series.

On my soul path I have benefited from a variety of healing arts, including yoga, sound, meditation, art therapy, crystals, and more. To celebrate these wonderful methods for personal growth and healing, I gathered a group of experts to share their experience with us. These are people who have helped me in person or over the magic of the web, and each shares practical advice to aid us on our path.

Energy Healer, Robin Hodsdon Morin

The fourth Healing Pathways interview is with the unique and powerful energy healer Robin Hodsdon Morin. Robin and I met in 1999, when I was pregnant with my first child (the one who helped catalyze my soul path discovery journey in 2016!). At the time Robin was practicing Huna Kane body work, and I was smart enough to gift myself with 2 sessions with her in the early years of motherhood. Robin and I did not reconnect for more healing work until 2017, when my soul path had revealed itself and I was looking for assistance in understanding how to proceed. Robin's work had evolved a ton in the years (14 or so) since I had last worked with her. She now offers a powerful blend of techniques which really just boils down to her. She rocks. She moves energy, she helps reveal truths, she helps release blocks, and I am a huge fan.

I hope you enjoy this 30 minute interview in which we discuss Robin's healing journey, the concept of accepting ALL OF OURSELVES, and asking for amazing and beautiful things in our lives.

From Robin

I have been on this journey of healing for 25 years, and functioning as a healing practitioner for the past 20 years.

I have had a wide variety of training during that time, (Huna Kane, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Zero Balancing, Access Consciousness, etc) and the work that I practice now is a unique combination of all these modalities. My intention for every session, is to help my clients find more ease in their bodies,quiet the brain chatter that is always present, andto provide tools so they can begin to nurture themselves more, and more, and more.

My practice, Sacred Vessel is a unique look into who I am in the world. I desire to be connected, and receiving from everything.  With my clients, I look at people as a whole.  We have tried for millennia to compartmentalize ourselves. What if boundaries and barriers are actually limitations that keep us from accessing ourselves in wholeness?  For more information about me or my practice, reach out to me on Facebook: Sacred Vessel, or at pelerisingbodywork@hotmail.com (rlhmorin207@gmail.com).

To learn more visit Robin’s Facebook page:Sacred Vessel


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