Horse HeART Creative Retreat for Women

At Eagle Hill Farm with Healing Hooves and Artist Larissa Davis

Sunday, September 17th, 2023
(rain date September 24th)

10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Slow down and connect with the silent space within. Hear your heartbeat. Feel the opening and closing of your heart’s door as you enter an experience of deep connection.

The Horse HeART Connection

Did you know that horses can connect and respond to what your heart is doing? The Horse heART Creative Retreat Day is a unique opportunity to connect more deeply to your heart, horses, and your innate creativity. In this second edition of Horse heART 2023 we are planning to take advantage of the new horse-sized labyrinth at Eagle Hill Farm!

We keep it intimate in our retreats so we have time to share, connect, and receive from the horse, the creative process, and one another. Together with this strong circle of women, you will explore your horse-heART connection with the horses of Healing Hooves, followed by creative exploration using an intuitive and expressive painting process with artist Larissa Davis. No prior experience with painting or horses is needed.

About the day

Your day begins promptly at 10:00 with an orientation to the farm and the flow of the day.

After introductions and a heart-based check in, your morning will be devoted to the horses, with time for reflection, journaling, and being in nature.

Lunch offers you the opportunity to relax, reflect, and connect with the other members of our group.

The afternoon is devoted to creative expression with a guided intuitive painting journey to integrate, express and create an image that IS the energy of your horse heART experience.

The closing circle provides an opportunity to share reflections with the rest of the Horse HeART tribe before departing at 5pm.

Do I need prior experience with horses to participate?

No experience with horses is needed. No riding is done, and all work with the horses is ground based.

Do I need to know how to paint?

Absolutely not. Larissa with be sharing a fun, expressive painting process where “mistakes” and “uh-ohs” are opportunities for magic to happen. There is no need to worry about making something fact, you are invited to throw our all your preconceived notions of what "beauty" is, and play with paint like a kid again for the simple joy of color, shape, and self-expression.

The details

The cost of the Horse HeART Retreat Day is $175. This includes all horse activities, paint, supplies and materials (BYO canvas). ($160 when you register and pay before August 31, 2023)

The retreat location is Eagle Hill Farm in Bowdoinham, Maine. We only have space for 8, so we encourage you to sign up early.

What to bring:

  • – Water bottle to keep you hydrated

– Lunch and snacks for yourself

– A journal and your favorite writing and sketching tools

— CLOSED TOE SHOES are required. No sandals or flip flops are permitted for your safety.

—A canvas, recommended size 20" x 24"


— BYO art supplies! If you have a stash of favorite supplies or items you have not used in ages, bring them along. We will be using acrylics paint, paint pens, and stencils.

Note: A complete list of recommended items will be emailed to you 1 week before the event.


Why did I create the Horse heART Retreat?

Recently, i have been reflecting on why it is that i offer retreats like Horse heART, and i recognize that they are born of the impulse to share what inspires me... experiences that bring me to my edge.

Do i mean jumping out of airplanes? No, my edges are not that broad.

For me, my edges are most often found in real body experiences with nature. I meet my edge when climbing a tree, exploring cliffs, swimming in wild waters, and blazing trails through unexplored territory (see the amazing discovery i made on Sunday). These are not heart-pounding, death-defying feats. These are experiences through which i recognize i am at the edge of my comfort and invite myself to go just one step more. i experience more of myself, and broaden my beliefs about what i can do.

i created the Horse heART retreat with the intent that it be this kind of experience for you. The container that Sally creates with the horses is safe and secure, perfect for exploring the edges of your comfort around these gentle giants. Horses have big hearts that tune into your energy and invite you to meet yourself in their eyes. i was not the only one who shed a few tears with the horses last year.

The other opportunity this retreat offers you is the exploration of the edge of your comfort with creativity. This is an area of so many fears, thoughts, and judgements that suppress and limit us. With my support and guidance, you will find your edge and, ever so gently, explore. The insights that come through this experience go beyond any paint night. This is painting for the soul, painting on the edge.

If this retreat stirs the fire in you as it does me, join me and 8 other women on our edge with the horses of Healing Hooves.

Join the Horse heART Women’s Creative Retreat

We would love to have you! We only have room for 8 women, so if this experience is calling to you, please sign up below to reserve your spot. Receive a discount through August 31.

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Got questions?

For questions about the painting part of your day, contact Larissa at

For questions about the horse portion of the day, contact Sally at, and see Healing Hooves website at

horse heART Retreat with Healing Hooves and artist Larissa Davis at Eagle Hill Farm in Bowdoinham, Maine

Enjoy this video with Sally, owner of Eagle Hill Farm, learn about the retreat, and meet some of the horses.


Below: Views of Eagle Hill Farm and images from the 2022 Retreat