How to be a creative goddess: Resurrecting your Creativity

I call myself a Creative Goddess. And that may sound extremely audacious…but stick with me a moment while I tell you how this came to be.

The realization that I am a creative goddess began with a dream.

A beautiful young raven-haired girl, imprisoned for too many years to count, was set free. She was imprisoned because she was radiant, the kind of person who all eyes go to when she enters a room. She was imprisoned because she was magnetic, someone you cannot say no to. She was imprisoned because she was wild, unpredictable, and powerful. She was imprisoned because her caretakers were threatened by her unpredictable ways, her ability to get everything she wanted, and because she shined brighter than everyone around her.

I fell in love with her the way you fall in love with a character in a book. I quickly assessed she had something to do with my creativity. But there was more to it. And a few days after the dream, as I was editing a post about self-care, it flooded in… the girl is the creative goddess in me, and she has been set FREE! I am a creative goddess.

And the amazing thing is…

You are a Creative Goddess, too.

Inside of you is a wild and unpredictable, beautiful, magnetic, vibrant goddess.

She knows how amazing she is.

She knows anything she desires is hers.

She knows she is deserving of all good.

She knows she is here to be loved and celebrated.

Once you set your creative goddess free…nothing will ever be the same again

Because when you set your creative goddess free, you will also see that everything in your life is an act of your creation. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.!!!

And you will treat everything you do a blessed act of creativity.

You will want nothing more than to make everything as beautiful as you are.

You will be unstoppable in your KNOWING of how AMAZING and WORTHY (can I say that again…WORTHY!!!!) you are.

And whether you are just beginning the process of recovering your creativity or well on the way to expressing the creative goddess you are, I celebrate YOU!

Bless you for doing the work to remove those heavy, burdensome, restricting, imprisoning thoughts and beliefs.

Bless you for sticking with it, for never giving up, for doing everything you can to reawaken your creativity and breathe life back into your goddess.

How to resurrect your creativity and restore your creative goddess

They single most important key to recovering your creativity and restoring your creative goddess is LOVE. The creative goddess needs your LOVE.

She needs SO MUCH love.

She needs adoration. Consideration. Honor. Respect.

All the years of neglect, of completely forgetting she was there, of not believing in her, of hiding in shadows, and wearing drab colors, and fitting in, and being quiet, and dumbing down, and acting weak, and pretending you do not KNOW how you feel, what you think, what you WANT!!! Those years were a drought, a long, cold winter for your creative goddess.

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But when you shine the light and warmth of your love on her long enough, when you water her with your compassion and your tears of joy and release, she will stir. She will rise. And you will know the creative goddess you are.

Honor the creative goddess you are, and resurrect your creativity

So, as you go about your week, remember this. Honor the goddess in you. As you are cooking for others, and packing for others, and planning fun for others…balance this by nurturing your creative goddess. Because if you are just beginning to recover her, she needs your love every day. And if you have recovered her, she needs your love every day. A creative goddess needs love EVERY SINGLE DAY.

With the most profound love and joy for the creative goddess you are,

Creative Goddess Larissa

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