Animal Guide Journey: Spirit animal guided journey meditation

How to Discover your Spirit Animal Guide

How to discover your spirit animal or animal guide

I believe we each have a menagerie of animals that want to support us, spirit animal guides who come to help guide and inspire us when we need them. Some stick around for a lifetime, others pop in for specific purposes and then leave. And in my experience, often a specific animal will show up at the start of a new year.

Follow these steps to find your spirit animal guide

Ready to meet your spirit animal guide? Follow these steps.

STEP 1 The first step is simply to ask. It seems too simple, but do not underestimate the power in asking. It is profound. To do this, I recommend creating a ritual or ceremony. If you have an altar, light a candle and sit, feet on the ground, breathing in and grounding. Or maybe you prefer walking in nature, following your breath and connecting to nature. Whatever method you use, once you are grounded, ask out loud for your animal guide to show itself to you. You can do this with a statement something like:

“Life that is in all things, I am ready to meet the animal guide who has a message for me in this new year. I am open to receiving my animal guide without expectation or judgment.”

STEP 2 Starting as soon as your ritual is complete and for the following 7 to 28 days, keep your eyes and ears open. This can actually be the most challenging part: alert, attentive, patient waiting. During this time, pay attention to the animals that cross your path, enter your dreams, or show up in your life. If an animal shows up more than once, or if you have an encounter that is dramatic or remarkable in some way, that is your animal guide coming to say hello. And really, be open. We have judgements about the animals we like and do not like. Your animal guide may not look like you want it to. Notice your reactions, and then allow your animal guide into your life to receive the wisdom it has for you.

Find your spirit animal: Free guided journey plus tips for discovering your personal spirit animal meaning

A bit of advice

One thing I wish I had known when I first learned about spirit animals was to trust myself. Most of us are so mired in a left-brain, logical and judgmental way of thinking that we do not trust our imagination, dreams, and intuitions. But you can, and you must. Your biggest rival in discovering your spirit animal guide is your own self-doubt. So, when faced with self-critical thoughts, as the saying goes, keep calm and carry on. Your mind will tell you it is just your imagination, that it does not really mean anything, that the animal that keeps crossing your path is just a coincidence. Do not believe it! You are your own best guide, and the process of journeying, meditating, and being mindful will only serve to strengthen your new, intuitive muscles. Trust yourself.

Guided journey

Another way to discover your spirit animal guide is through a journey like the one below. Set aside quiet time just for you. Do something nice for yourself like making your favorite tea, lighting a candle, and giving yourself a shoulder rub. You will need a comfortable place to sit or lie down, and 45 minutes. If you mind wanders, do not stress, just come back to the sound of the guided journey. Again, keep calm and carry on.

Animal Guide Journey: Spirit animal guided journey meditation

Learn More

For more information on spirit animal symbolism:

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Discover your intuitive creativity

Curious about the junction of creativity, soul, and animals? Ready to stretch your creative muscles? Learn an easy, intuitive painting process and receive guidance from your animal guide as I lead you though the Spirit Animal Painting Journey live online course for all experience levels.

Spirit animal painting journey: discover your wild creativity in 28 days

Connect to your passion, path, and purpose through creativity. Discover your intuitive creativity as you learn a freeing, expressive painting process, and get to know the message and lessons of your animal guide in this fun online class with live group sessions.



Your turn

Whether your spirit animal guide has been with you for years or you just met them today, I love hearing about your experiences with animal symbolism and guidance. Share the lessons of your spirit animal below. Got more questions about how this all works? Ask below!
xoxoxo — Larissa


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    Find your spirit animal: Free guided journey plus tips for discovering your personal spirit animal meaning
    Find your spirit animal: Free guided journey plus tips for discovering your personal spirit animal meaning
    Find your spirit animal: Free guided journey plus tips for discovering your personal spirit animal meaning