How to Overcome Fear

On the journey to pursuing our dreams, we pretty quickly come up against our fears. Our fear wants us to stay safe, and change, the unknown, is scary. So fear will object to any new idea that threatens the status quo.

For most of my life, my fear called the shots. It was deeply ingrained...almost an automatic, and certainly an unconscious, response. But once I had a powerful, exciting inspiration, and a drive to make changes in my life, I did not want fear to get the upper hand.

If we are serious about pursuing our dreams we have to learn how to overcome fear.





Four things to know about fear

1. Follow Your Fear. Through listening to what your fear is saying you will be able to see areas of your life that need love and attention.

2. Fear is not going anywhere. It is built into our biology. Fear is seated in the oldest part of our brain and it is there to keep us safe and alive. In other words, you gotta learn how to work with it!

3. Fear is most afraid of CHANGE…anything new scares it. So when you contemplate making changes to improve of your life, fear gets triggered. “Better safe than sorry” is its motto.

4. Fear will resurface. Just as we get over one fear, it seems to creep back again. This is because, like I said in point #2, fear is always gonna be with us. And because we are always striving to be the best version of ourselves, we are constantly contemplating transformation, growth and change. These things have unknown outcomes...and the unknown triggers fear!

So, how do we overcome fear?

If fear is always with you, how do you overcome it? Certainly not by resisting it...that just makes it stronger. I believe one key is getting to know our fear so you can name it and call it out when it is causing trouble in your life.. The exercise in this free guide will help you create a persona for your fear, something you can talk to every time you feel afraid. Get the complete instructions below.


Ready to Overcome Your Fear?

In this free guide, I share the complete KNOW YOUR FEAR process to help you deepen your understanding of what is stopping you from pursuing your dreams, and take action to live the life you came here to live.