Last week I wrote about the audacious realization that I am a creative goddess. After that realization, I experienced a number of changes which contributed to an amazing and goddess-worthy experience.

Learn how to value yourself like a goddess

If you have struggled with self-worth, valuing yourself, or loving yourself, the idea of being a creative goddess may not sit comfortably with you yet. But stick with me. When you start thinking like a creative goddess, all kinds of things fall away that have been holding you back. The beliefs that make you feel bad about yourself, the thoughts that de-value yourself, and the fears that stop you from living and brave creative life you deserve all are suddenly like fish out of water. They do not belong.

To help you over the threshold of belief, I encourage you to just pretend for a while. Pretending is using your imagination to dream up something different. And your imagination is powerful beyond belief. As you pretend to be a creative goddess, gradually make-believe will give way to a whole new reality.

The song “Whistle a Happy Tune” from The King and I says it perfectly:

Whenever I feel afraid
I hold my head erect
And whistle a happy tune
So no one will suspect I’m afraid

While shivering in my shoes
I strike a careless pose
And whistle a happy tune
And no one ever knows I’m afraid

The result of this deception
Is very strange to tell
For when I fool the people I fear
I fool myself as well!

I whistle a happy tune
And every single time
The happiness in the tune
­­­Convinces me that I’m not afraid

Make believe you’re brave
And the trick will take you far
You may be as brave
As you make believe you are!

I absolutely LOVE these lyrics, especially those I bolded. Aren’t they powerful? This song is all about using our imagination to change our reality!!!

Learn how to value yourself and manifest what you desire

So, here is a little story of how being a creative goddess lead to a most goddess-worthy experience, followed by four tips to help you “whistle a creative goddess tune’ and manifest your own magic.

Right after realizing I am a creative goddess, I was getting ready for my first art show of the season and noticed that I was thinking about what I needed as a creative goddess. This was new, and FUN!

I thought about my comfort. I realized a new chair was called for, a throne actually. And I thought carefully about what I would wear: things I felt really good in, and a crown, of course. I also planned to bring food that would energize and nourish me, and some art supplies. So, with those things taken care of the weekend began.

A Goddess Mind-set helps you learn to value yourself

So there I was, creative goddess, at the art fair. After the first few customers stopped by, I noticed some negative thoughts popping up. They did not feel good. So, I sat in my throne, in my flower crown, and journaled to shift to a more goddess-like mindset. I only wrote a few sentences and then cut right to the chase. I wrote:

“People of means love my work.”

I looked at it and got honest with myself. I crossed out the “love” and wrote “BUY.” I had my new intention:

“People of means buy my artwork.”

Negative thoughts redirected, the rest of the day unfolded and I kept myself in the moment, enjoying what was a perfect day at a a beautiful fair by the ocean.

As I was walking around that afternoon, my attention was drawn to a woman with a bright, liveliness in her step sporting an attractive sun hat and carrying a wrapped painting under her arm. It was like the universe was shining a light on her to get my attention. I had a thought…a recognition. Here was a woman of means. She was the type of person who I could imagine walking around the fair with MY art under her arm.

We passed by one another and she was quickly forgotten as I continued to soak up the sunny, breezy afternoon.

Sometime later, I was chatting with Jeff and our joyous, energetic neighbor, Shawna, when I noticed that the woman at my booth and was struck by the energetic exchange happening between her and one of my paintings.

By now you have probably heard me talk about the fact that handmade art emits energy. (Dr. David Hawkins writes about his research on this topic in Power Versus Force.) I have felt it when I am creating, and I bet you have, too. But I only occasionally see it happening with others. And there it was. A conversation was happening. It was an intimate exchange, all happening without any words.

As I approached, it was hard not to feel like an intruder. Situations like this can make you feel like the awkward 3rd wheel. Like going to a party to keep a friend company who unexpectedly meets her soul mate. I approached gently, respectful of the sacredness of what was happening, and offered to answer any questions she had. She turned to me, a look of raw wonder on her face, and shared a story that this painting had brought back into her awareness. It was a piece of herself she had lost along the way. It moved her deeply. The painting was a key unlocking an important part of herself. And it was so important to her, so significant, that she knew that painting belonged with her. And within a very short time, that same woman who the universe had pointed out to me earlier was, in fact, walking through the fair with a painting I had created under her arm.

Does that make you say “WOW!” It does me! It also makes me a little teary as things that move my soul will do.

And I cannot help but feel that this all unfolded because I embraced being a creative goddess and in so doing realized that:

  • I am worthy
  • What I do is worthy
  • What I create is worthy
  • Valuing myself leads to good things

Learn how to value yourself with these 4 steps

And now for you. Are you ready to step into it? To begin thinking of yourself as a creative goddess? Or pretending you at least?

Whatever your situation, event, relationship, or experience, follow these four steps to start treating yourself like the GODDESS you are.

1. Plan for comfort

This is SO important. Think about what you need to be comfortable. Imagine every moment of every part of your upcoming day/event/experience and what you need to be the most comfortable, cared for, and refreshed. Then make it so. For me, a throne was important. I found the perfect pink faux-fur butterfly chair at Kohl’s!

2. Engage your imagination

Planning for comfort from the perspective of a goddess can take imagination. Step back into your child self, with a powerful imagination and a love of dress-up, and let yourself think big. What does a goddess deserve and desire? Ask yourself this in every moment up to, during, and after the event.

3. Dress for success

What does a creative goddess wear? What are her favorite colors? Does she need a crown? A favorite pair of shoes? Whatever she needs, provide it. She is a goddess, afterall! For me, my goddess wanted a crown so I made a quick stop at the craft store for items to make a flower crown.

For me, a crown was an important part of dressing for success

4. Manage your thoughts

As a goddess, you must have no tolerance for thoughts that bring you down. Think of a negative thought as an unwanted, uninvited visitor. As a goddess, you do not hesitate to send that thought away.

Imagine you, the goddess, sitting on your throne, wearing your crown, surrounded by beauty and everything delicious and comforting and exciting when in barges an angry person spewing insults and negativity at you. That person …those thoughts…have no place in your sacred throne room. YOU are your throne room. YOU are your temple, your palace. Shake that negativity out. Do not dwell on it…simply replace it with a goddess-thought instead! Find more on that here.

Alright creative goddesses, now you are armed and ready to establish your sovereignty!

Yours as always in brave creative living,

Creative Goddess Larissa

P.S. You can hear Deborah Kerr singing “Whistle a Happy Tune” from the movie version of “The King and I” in this video starting at the 4 minute mark.


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