The Soul Path Art Process

Some of you might wonder how, exactly, Soul Path Art works, and where the ideas for my paintings come from. This post, originally posted on Instagram, is a great explanation of the process and how it can work. Enjoy!

Originally posted on Instagram, April 36, 2018

Yesterday was a day for whale wisdom. In the morning I was prompted to energetically express fear with paper and pen. I drew a big circle. Inside the circle at the center I placed a small dot. This was me. Outside more dots, everyone else...physical and non-physical. The sketch was done with closed eyes, and when I opened them I saw that the circle was incomplete, leaving an opening on the left side where 3 of the dots had migrated inside the circle.

I have felt alone in life, like the weight of the world is all on me. Like I have to go it alone. My fear is of staying in this state...never feeling the support of the universe. Never feeling safe. Never really feeling secure that everything is working out perfectly... that happiness and success and good things are coming. That I am loved supported and favored.

Next a soul scribble showed me a whale. I swapped scribbles with my Soul Path Art partner that morning, Christina, and when she handed it back there was a school of small fish hitching a ride on the whale’s back. She explained that the whale cannot see the fish because his eyes are on the sides if his head...but these fish are always with the whale.

The next task was to write about the image. As I wrote I felt the huge weight of the whale, like the life-crushing burden I have carried on my back...the weight of the feeling that I am alone, responsible for taking care of everything. The whale was telling me that if I allow myself to shift my beliefs, I will see that the weight is held by what is around me... just like the whale’s body is supported by the ocean. The ocean is like the universe of spirit, the vortex of creation, the guides and angels and ancestors around us, holding and supporting and celebrating our dreams, hopes, and desires. The whale can go anywhere with ease despite her enormous size. Likewise all we need do is speak our desires aloud, dream, create and write about them, dance and sing them, and the ocean of support around us will celebrate with us as our dreams become our reality.

The emotional shift I experienced through the first part of this Soul Path Art process was massive, and I decided to continue to explore the whale's message through painting.

Later that day, at a painting workshop I was leading at the Rockland Art Loft, I began this canvas. I let the movements flow and expressed the feeling through the brush and my fingers, not worried about the details. When I was done I was mesmerized. This is what happens with Soul Path Art when it flows just right. We stare in wonder at what we have just created...because it is not just us creating it. We are guided by our intuition and our soul. What we see in the painting is the powerful communication that is shared on a non-verbal level, where deep healing takes place.

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