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I have been using the past few weeks to get caught up on the Make Your Mark project (read about it here). My idea was to create one Make Your Mark painting for each month of 2018. As of now I have completed 8, I have 2 waiting, and the last 2 are a big question mark at the moment. They are in the hands of the universe.

The July painting turned into a may have seen the video of it appearing during my painting/dance session. I liked the freedom of the way it came to be, but something about it just rubbed me wrong I took a break from it and worked on other things. When I came back to it, I knew right away I wanted to tone down the tail. After adding a night sky filled with galaxies and stars and star clouds, I noticed the hint of a face. The face became a celestial angel or goddess, channeling inspiration into me. It told me that I am supported, loved, held, and worthy (yes, that self-worth thing again!). And as it has continued to evolve, the messages were about restoration, the feathers coming back to the peacock being the lost aspects of me coming together, woven into one with the assistance of the spirit in the stars.

“That is all well and good for you,” you may be thinking, “but how does this relate to me?”

That is exactly what I would love to know: how does this relate to you?

What messages, signs, or symbols have you received ...and don’t think it has to be from something you are creating! Your entire life IS your creation, and the symbols and messages from your soul are all around, just waiting for you to notice them.

Did you get rear-ended? Get sick? Sprain an ankle?

Did you get your car stuck in the mud? Did you oversleep and miss something important? Did an unusual animal run in front of your car, meet you on your daily walk, or fly into your yard?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this soul path stuff is only for you if you are an artist. Finding your soul path is your birth right. It is why you are here. And there is no limit to the ways you can discover it. All it takes is your intention. If you are ready and feel the desire deeply in your heart, speak it out loud...say you are ready. And then watch the magic unfold.




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