The Journey to You


This video may infuse some humor into your day. And read on for more about all you need to know on the journey to you.

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When I began the search for my center, or “unification” as I termed it at the time, at a certain point in my quest I began looking OUTSIDE for guidance: webinars, books, articles, coaches, friends. And while I found some wonderful ideas and valuable information along the way, there was a point at which I remember feeling completely I had fallen down the rabbit hole. My inbox became flooded with emails from people who wanted to help me: people offering online retreats; people hosting multi-day interview events with yet more people who wanted to help me; people offering an online class, or a free PDF to help me meditate or set goals, or prioritize, or get the idea.

And that would have been fine, really, except for the fact that I found myself feeling insecure. Did I need all this stuff, I wondered? And I started to believe that maybe I did. Maybe there was another program I needed to buy, another coach to talk to, another method to try.

And this was kind of ironic because what finally happened was that it came to me, all at once, in a dream. And that dream had little to do with the external searching. The dream was a form of INNER guidance that came, after several months, because I had quite truthfully and honestly admitted to myself that I was unhappy, and I needed a new path. I needed my path. I ached to be unified, to lead from the inside, not the outside.

Not to say that there are not still times when I feel shakey...of course there are. It is part of the cycle I go through. You may be the same.

Whereever you are on your journey, the thing is, you are the compass. Everything you need to know to get back to the TRUE YOU, is within you. All that talk about finding your true north...the search is not OUTSIDE of us, but inside. But, you say, how do I know? How do I find it? How do I discover my true north, my north star, my passion, my purpose, my why?

This is the most powerful piece of information I can give you:

Follow Your Emotions

Our emotions are our compass.

Our emotions are the communication from our soul, god, inner wison, insert your term the us that is here right now. You can think of this as the most powerful GPS in the world....and it will lead you home.

So if you are questing for yourself...if you are on this journey to YOU I rejoice with you! It is not an easy road. And you will be tempted, as I was, to search outside think that someone else surely has your answers.

They do not.

All any of us has is our story...what we did, what we experienced, what we believe, what we feel. Take from this story, and all stories you encounter, what resonates with you. And then, ask yourself, how do I feel? What makes my heart sing? What do I feel resistance to? Follow the good feelings and they will lead you home.

AND do the work!

This is not carte blanche to avoid entering deep within and discovering what makes you tick! That idea may scare the %$*& out of you. It did me. It scared me so much I waited 48 years to dip my toe in. But within the darkness is YOUR light. Reading this you are probably thinking, in the back of your head...the thought is there. It is the thing you have been avoiding. The thing you hope will go away. The thing that gently asks for your attention. It is the very thing that will make you whole, will be your next step on the the journey to you. It may be just over the back of your left shoulder. It may even be hiding from you...afraid to be revealed. Light a candle and slowly and compassionately turn around. Sit. Wait. Invite. Begin.

So do the work...AND listen to your emotions. Even fear, if you follow it to the root, is a way in...a way of knowing yourself. And that is what this is all about.

With love and respect to you on your journey.

— Larissa

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