The swan which I mused on last week here has given rise to some rich contemplation. It got me thinking that I have envisioned my future, my swan self, quite a lot and I sense it is just on the other side of a threshold. I feel like I can just about reach out and touch it. Even my dreams seem to show me glimpses of this life. So I wonder, how do I step through to that reality? What do need to let go of in order to embrace and fully become my swan self? What old beliefs are holding me back? I sense it is as simple as switching on a light, but which switch do I hit?

These are the questions that are on my mind this week, and as I scribble and reflect this is what I am asking about: what do I need to know to step over this threshold?

Last night this soul scribble was a mystery but this morning I gave myself permission to make it into a crab. I had seen the crab yesterday but dismissed it because I felt it needed too much modification to make it into the crab I imagined. But today I realized the left-braininess of this thinking. With a soul scribble, whatever you see is what you need to see. Even if it is just a hint of a line or shape that makes you think of a certain something, go with it! The soul is giving you guidance. Do not judge it…and keep your left brain out of it!

The meaning for crab that struck me is their sideways approach to things. I take from this that the way over my threshold is not direct or conventional. And in fact, I will probably not even see my goal, not  see the threshold, until I am over it!

Sometimes the way ahead is completely non-linear and even seems illogical. When we let go the need to control, to force, to figure out how to get to the end NOW, we can allow things to unfold in the most efficient way. All we need to do is to set our intention and let it happen, let it come to us, trust.

So this week, today even, give this a try. Say out loud what it is you desire, Close your eyes and envision yourself in the situation where you already have it. Feel it in your body, your emotions, your soul until it absolutely fills you will the happiness and joy and love or whatever emotion it evokes. And then release it! Let the universe angels god spirit guides highest self ancestors father sky thor athena earth goddess help you make it so! And trust that the path less traveled, the circuitous sideways tiptoe dance of the crab, the path from which you cannot see your goal in front of you, is truly the path of least resistance and the perfect path for you.

About the image at the top of this post: This crab was created while playing with ideas for the dream cards I make for people at the events I attend. If you catch me at an event, come with your dream or intention clear in your heart, write it on a card and I will create a custom piece of art for you to use as a focal point for manifesting your desire!