Swan taught me a lesson yesterday.

After seeing swans in soul scribbles for some time I took it to the canvas to explore the symbolism and how it resonates with my life and path. Looking online for explanation only took me so far, and did not lead me to any ah-has. But in the process of writing stream of consciousness on the canvas the ah-ha found me.
The ugly duckling is a story many of us are familiar with from childhood and as I mused on that memory a message emerged which made my heart vibrate. On my own journey I have been learning about the power of attraction, and how what we desire and what we envision for our future will draw that to us.
Yet, from where we are, what we see around us, what we see of our external circumstances will likely not match our vision.
The message is to keep our hopes and dreams and visioning firmly focused on our future, our swan-self, and not to let the current reality we are seeing with our eyes become our focus. The beautiful, graceful, powerful, glorious swan resides within us all. It is awaiting our attention! That is all it needs in order to emerge.
So, today, take 10 minutes and focus your mind on envisioning the swan within, the you you have yet to become, the dream your soul is dreaming for you. Maybe you write about a day in your future life, perhaps you listen to a guided meditation which leads you to your future self, or you may find yourself drawn to the canvas or paper to play with shapes and colors as you let yourself dream into your swan self.
We are all swans, every one of us. When you are ready, when you ask, your swan will emerge.
Sending you love and wishes for joy and sunshine in your heart this special day.
Acrylic on Gallery-wrapped canvas
18″ x 18″
Interested in purchasing the original? Email me.