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Those of you who have watched the recent Healing Pathways interviews have heard me speak of my healing journey with Lyme Disease.

I was officially diagnosed with chronic lyme in late May this year. I immediately started my attack, my strategy for combating it, for getting my health and my life back. I changed my diet, I started on an herbal protocol, I started homeopathic remedies. I was determined.

As the months unfolded I learned a lot. I came to appreciate the conditions which made my body ripe for this infection. I learned how important what we eat really is! And I have received insights that apply to more than healing lyme. Lessons that many of you may also be learning.

1. I am a whole being

Among these lessons, learning to look at myself, disease and all, as a whole being, is primary. The disease is part of me. And as I strategized to kill it without understanding how I brought it into my life, I was not getting the message my soul intended. The lyme, like any uncomfortable issue in our experience, was an invitation to go deeper, to know myself more, and to understand how I paved the way for this disease to manifest. This message of WHOLENESS is something that first was brought to my attention in my training as a creatively fit coach with Whitney Freya. In the Super Soul Flow portion of the training we learn to connect to the many aspects of ourselves. And this message has come through loud and clear in the Healing Pathways interviews as well...especially with Leah, Robin, and Andrea. I have needed the repetition to allow it to sink in.

2. My business is part of my whole being

Another lesson lyme has taught me is that old habits die hard. First, I had to change my eating habits..changing to an entirely raw vegan diet for quite some time. But that was easy compared to other patterns in my life that were not condusive to healing. In particular, my approach to my "business" needed an overhaul. In a similar way to how I was looking at the lyme battle, I have approached my career as something separate from me, something to strategize about and to attack. It is a very yang approach. I have been learning how deeply those habits are ingrained. And just like changing my brain’s neural pathways to bring in intuition and creativity, I am learning how to be more intuitive, trusting, and gentle in this area of my life.

3. Employ compassionate inquiry

A final important lesson lyme has shared with me is to be compassionately inquisitive. When I first learned of the lyme, my inquisitiveness was driven by a desire to eliminate the problem, to wipe it out. In all honestly, it was driven by fear. I did not want to get to know it, I just wanted it gone. But there is something about compassionate inquiry, inquiry born of love, not fear, of a true desire to see, hear, appreciate, and understand the "other" is the way to health for me. What do I mean by other? Anything that we look at as not of us, anything unwanted, anything we reject. It is all us, it is all part of that whole being I am learning about. And when I start to look at the OTHER in this way, I take the first step on my healing pathway.

Heeding inspiration

Driving down the highway last weekend inspiration struck as a gentle thought carried on a wisp of the wind... take time to heal.

It is a crazy time of year to do it, November, holiday bustle and all. But the more the idea settlled in, the more I had to admit that I have been pushing, forcing, being too yang. Since learning of the lyme I have not stopped to take a breath. I have been running, trying to make it all OK. I have been, as Abraham Hicks would say, taking required rather than inspired action.

I am ready to reconnect, to get back to my original quest. The one I began in August 2016 when I pledged not to take any action until I was unified. I am ready to once again become the receiver. To become quiet, to become still, to sink in, to explore my inner self and receive the gifts of my soul.

A time to heal

So, that is what I am doing. November is a month of rest for me. I stated it aloud yesterday morning. I am taking November off! The universe has been notified. The cosmic gears are in motion.

The timing could not be better, actually. If you are joining me at the Let Go and Blossom From Within Women’s Wellness Retreat this weekend, this is my send-off. It is the full moon, and I am using the magic and power of that fortuitous time of the month, and our healing event, to let go, to release, and to surrender to what is next on my soul path.


  • Barbara Helen Baker
    November 23, 2018 Reply

    Beautifully expressed, Larissa.....you, too, are a writer!

    • Larissa Davis
      December 13, 2018 Reply

      Thank you, I enjoy words as much as painting!

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