Make Your Mark Project Update

January 12, 2018

The Make Your Mark canvas traveled to Flourish in Biddeford on January 12th for the Psychic Soiree. The evening was magical, warm, inviting, lively, and full of amazing energy. I was lucky to be able to paint while accompanied by the amazing crystal bowl sounds and other-worldly voice of Andrea Wenger. It felt magical when I was there, and this feeling was confirmed when I woke in the wee hours of the morning from a very powerful dream. In the dream, an energy worker and intuitive painter invited me to see how he worked and experience a session with him. I was contemplating what guidance I was specifically seeking, but when I reached his room he said it was not more information that I needed. What he provided me with was an energetic healing session, an attunement, to integrate all that I already knew.

Regarding the painting, I love what is emerging. The unicorn looking over his shoulder is evocative, as if it is saying to pay attention all around, not just directly in front of us. Be alert to everything.

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