Artist Larissa Davis and the Make Your Mark Dream Wall at the Freeport Maine Fall Festival: October 2019





The Make Your Mark Project





Make Your Mark Dream Wall, Freeport Fall Festival 2019







About Make Your Mark

The Make Your Mark project was born in December 2017 when I brought a blank canvas to an event and invited everyone to write what they wanted to accomplish, experience, have, be or do in the new year. Since then, the project has continued at other events around Maine, where people are drawn to the canvas, adding their dreams, hopes, resolutions, and intentions. After the event, I complete each canvas with a magical painting, charged with the dreams and energy from everyone who makes their mark (see the slideshow below).

Bring the Make Your Mark to your Event

Make Your Mark is an engaging activity that appeals to all ages. It provides a break from the endless chatter in your mind, reduces stress, and fosters creativity, conversation, and connection. Make your Mark can be scaled to fit your event and mission. Click below to schedule a to call to discuss your goals, and how we can cater a Make Your Mark Dream Canvas or Dream Wall to your exact needs or theme.


Make Your Mark Video

In case you missed the video up above, here it is again! Enjoy!

What becomes of a Make Your Mark canvas?

Make Your Mark Canvases are photographed, and then I get to work creating the art they become. Once the painting is complete, all the intentions and dreams are re-written along the 1.5" deep side edge of the frame. Make Your Mark Dream Walls are cut to 8 x 10 or 11 x 14 pieces and taken home by event attendees. Below are some of the paintings that have come from this project.

From start to finish

Scroll to see how the first Make Your Mark Canvas transformed from intentions to final painting.