The Make Your Mark Project

Make Your Mark

A Community Art Project

The Make Your Mark project was born in December 2017 when I brought a blank canvas to an event and invited everyone to write what they wanted to accomplish, experience, have, be or do in the new year. Since then, the project has continued at other events around Maine, where people are drawn to the canvas, adding their dreams, hopes, resolutions, and intentions. After the event, I complete each canvas with a magical painting, charged with the dreams and energy from everyone who makes their mark (see the slideshow below).

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Yours in Brave Creativity,

Creative Goddess Larissa

Be part of this project!

You can be part of this project, even if you live far away. Just email your goals or intentions to me using the button below and I will add it to the Make Your Mark canvas currently on my easel. Feel free to send a list, a word, an inspirational phrase...whatever feels right!

Yes! I Want to Make My Mark

Make Your Mark Video

In case you missed the video up above, here it is again! Enjoy!

What is underneath?

Download these PDFs to read the great things people wrote on each Make Your Mark Canvas.


Download this PDF to read the Intentions written on the January canvas.



Download this PDF to read the Intentions written on the February canvas.



Download this PDF to read the Intentions written on the March canvas.





Watch the video above to see the great activity at the Old Port Festival on the June canvas!


In progress photo...getting close to done. Read about the messages this painting provided here.


Explosive joy and love swirl out from the cosmic spin of the universe around this dolphin!

From start to finish

Scroll to see how the first canvas progressed.