The earth needs you to make your mark

At a Holistic Fair I attended once I was inspired to get people involved. So much of what happens at these fairs is passive. We go in search of answers and insight in the form of words and advice from healers who can tune in to the other side for us. But foundational to my business and practice is the knowledge that intuitive insight is available to all of us.

I wanted to offer people a place to take action, make a commitment, and state an intention. And what better place, I thought, than on a canvas? It was one of those ideas that comes along and you can sense it is a good one. So I grabbed a 3' x 4' canvas and my easel, and off we went to the holistic fair.

I had high hopes for the day, and a fairly positive attitude about how it would unfold. In addition to the canvas inspiration, I had woken from a dream that left be feeling confident:

I had been hired as the resident artist at a beautiful new business where I was being paid to run Soul Path Art classes. The owner was speaking to a full house in the cafe section of the business. She introduced me and I began to speak. But I could tell I was not grabbing everyone’s attention, so I stepped forward and began walking through the crowd, between the cafe-style tables and chairs, speaking dynamically about what I do, why I do it, and what it does for others. And as I spoke I could see people’s faces lighting up. By the time I was done everyone wanted in.

But my positivity was about to be challenged.

The crowd was a trickle. I did not want to let negativity or a case of “poor me” set in so I started painting. I was seated at our table, painting on a piece of watercolor paper, mulling over what was happening. What could I do to positively impact the day and connect with people? I stood up and started painting on the canvas, still thinking. I painted "MAKE YOUR MARK" across the center, then wrote instructions:

“What do you want to be known for in 2018? What do you want to be, have, feel, experience? Write your dreams, desires, hopes, intentions on this canvas. Make the commitment to your future right here, right now.”

After that dried, I started adding color, still thinking about what I could do to engage people when they finally did start coming. I thought back to the dream, and I decided to employ the technique that had worked there...getting out from behind the table, stepping into the aisle, and speaking to people about the canvas, the process, and inviting them to make their mark. First, I approached all the vendors, who began coming to the canvas, selecting their favorite colored paint marker and adding their dreams. As the day went on and the crowd got thicker I reached out to everyone that came by, inviting them to make their mark. The energy and buzz around the canvas was like nothing I have ever experienced. People would light up when I invited them up. Some were given pause...they had to stop and think...what DID they really want? Some were hesitant, some enthusiastic, but they were all happy, awake, and engaged.

I have not written anything on the canvas yet, but when I do it will be this:

I want to be known for inviting people to make their mark, boldly declare their dreams to the universe, and step into their life of passion and purpose.

What about you? What mark do you want to make in 2018? Let me know in the comments below.


P.S. To read ALL the beautiful intentions on the canvas, download Make Your Mark: Dreams, Desires & Intentions for a New Year