My spirit animal: intuitive painting journey

My spirit animal: intuitive painting journey

Awaken your wild, intuitive, creative spirit


Have you ever felt like spirit animals, and maybe all things spiritual, were out of your reach?

I did, too. In fact, I believed with all my heart that I was broken in that way. I thought that spirit animals, and all things spiritual for that matter, were reserved for shamans and intuitives who were “gifted” in a way I was not.

If you feel this way, it can be triggering to see other women who seem to be tuned in spiritually, connected to a higher guidance.

You may feel hurt, less-than, because living a spiritually connected, inspired life feels completely out of reach to you.

You see women manifesting their dreams and desires, but your belief that you do not have those abilities, and never will, holds you back from living the life you desire.

You secretly yearn to feel connected, guided, and inspired, but how? Do those women have something you do not? NO!

You can do it, too! Just imagine...


Having tools and techniques to connect to your higher guidance


Re-writing your beliefs about what kind of person is intuitively gifted


Being free of perfectionism, self-doubt, and judgement


Feeling soulfully connected to your inner wisdom and spirit animal guide.

You, too, can learn how to connect to your higher guidance with intuitive creativity

What is special about spirit animals?

When I first learned about spirit animals I felt a mixture of curiosity and cynicism. And even after I discovered the power of their wisdom in my own work I was unsure how it would translate to others. But repeatedly seeing students of every experience level receive exactly the guidance they needed through this process has removed all doubts. Every one of us has access to this powerful tool for receiving higher wisdom.

The secret to awakening your intuitive abilities is letting go of all expectations. Your intuitive, creative spirit is a wild creature of nature, and your spirit animal will lead you directly to it!

Spirit animals are your partners on the journey to express who you truly are. They are messengers who show you the qualities and characteristics you are being invited to integrate. They are complex symbols that represent myriad qualities, stories, energies, and perspectives. As a human being, you are of nature, yet your modern lifestyle has broken your connection with the natural world. Your spirit animal will help you reconnect.

It is time to reconnect with your natural, intuitive, creative soul.

Here’s why the My Spirit Animal Intuitive Painting Journey is the best way to rediscover your intuitive, creative self.

The intuitive painting process you learn will help you free yourself from all preconceived notions of intuition, creative expression, and who and how you are allowed to show up in the world.

As much as you try to control your life, that control just gets in the way of the free, creative life we desire. My Spirit Animal Intuitive Painting Journey teaches you to embraces the unknowable, lowering stress and increasing joy.

By using creativity as a tool for connecting into your spirit animal wisdom, your intuition and confidence increase, creating self-acceptance in your art and your life.

As you learn the intuitive painting process, you are actually training your brain to think more creatively. And this doesn’t stop when you step away from the canvas. It affects every area of your life.

Using creativity as a space for dreaming into your intentions, wishes, and goals, your mind slips effortlessly into a calm, stress-free, meditative state, catalyzing transformation at the most profound level.

It takes dedication to gain the benefits of intuitive creativity. But you can absolutely experience transformations like me and my students have.

My spirit animal: intuitive painting journeyanimal-intuitive-painting-journey
“Larissa creates an atmosphere that is really, really safe for even the most vulnerable people.”
My spirit animal: intuitive painting journeyanimal-intuitive-painting-journey4b
“WOW, I’m truly amazed how quickly this kind of sharing and connection can clear old stuff to make way for new ways of thinking.
Anjali R.
My spirit animal: intuitive painting journey
This course was so fun, thank you Larissa!
Molly D.
My spirit animal: intuitive painting journeyanimal-intuitive-painting-journey
“My spirit animal taught me that I need to branch out of my comfort zone in order to find what I am looking for. Changing old habits is hard but when I see my painting it reminds me of what I am striving for!”
Terry A.

I created My Spirit Animal Intuitive Painting Journey to give you the complete process I have used to awaken my intuition, express my creativity, and catalyze meaningful transformation!

I wasn’t always an intuitive, soul path artist. I know what it is like to feel like you are neither intuitive or creative, that you did not get the training that would have made you a real artist, or the natural “gifts” of intuition. I know what it is like to feel like things like spirit animals are just not for you.

And I know how scary it is to begin this process, to step up to the blank canvas with no idea what to make. To admit that you want something more for yourself, and to ask the universe for guidance and support! It can be humbling and terrifying.

When I started this journey, I had just experienced two major life changes that left me feeling empty and adrift. I felt like there was no meaning or purpose in my life, and I had no idea how to find it.

I had spent years telling myself I was not a true artist, and that intuition and spirit animals were reserved for those who were born with special gifts.

And then I had a dream that showed me I could use art to heal the emptiness and lack of purpose I felt. It also showed me how to use painting to create or predict the future, intuitively and with intention.

That’s when things changed

I explored creativity in a new way, experiencing the symbolic, intuitive, and healing aspects of the process. I gave up worrying about the outcome and focused on the journey. I went from not creating anything to being filled with inspiration, passion, and purpose.

And then I found the animals.

Of all the symbols I explored, animals provided me with the most profound guidance and healing.

I created elephants to break through personal barriers and limiting beliefs.

I created turtles to shed the stories that were holding me back.

I painted horses to find my passion and my sense of wild freedom.

The spirit animals changed everything.

My Spirit Animal: Intuitive Painting Journey

Discover your wild, creative, spirit animal wisdom

My Spirit Animal Intuitive Painting Journey compiles the best tools & approaches I’ve learned into a transformative process to connect you to your creative, intuitive soul!

My spirit animal: intuitive painting journeyanimal-intuitive-painting-journey

In My Spirit Animal I am showing you the exact process I’ve used to experience intuitive, higher guidance, and find the personal, unique messages your spirit animal has for you.

I believe your creativity is your superpower, and spirit animal wisdom will guide you to connect with and express your truest self.

My Spirit Animal is the only course you need to rediscover your intuitive, creative spirit, and integrate the unique message and meaning of your spirit animal. Through the process you learn in this course, you will forge a relationship with your spirit animal in a powerful and profound way. And yes, I will show you the fun and expressive painting style that has successfully helped my students create paintings they love! Even if you have never painted before! You will increase your self-confidence, release self-judgment, and stimulate your intuitive creativity!


My spirit animal: intuitive painting journeyanimal-intuitive-painting-journey

This could be you!

Joy had never painted before...ever. She was scared, but she faced those fears, rose above her limiting beliefs, and created this awesome crow painting!

This could be you! Just imagine have faced your fears! You said “YES!!!!” to this course, you got your supplies, you found deep connection and support with the other women in this group through our live group calls and private Facebook group.

You received added support from your private coaching with yours truly, and you feel on top of the world! You have blown past the limitations and self-judgments that have stopped you in the past. You have experienced the power of creativity to increase self-awareness, build your self-confidence, strengthen your intuitive knowing, and catalyze positive change.

You will never be the same again!

Who is your spirit animal, and what wisdom do they have for you?

I am going to show you how to use intuitive creativity to connect to your spirit animal and discover the powerful and unique insights they have for you.

I can’t wait to see what My Spirit Animal Intuitive Painting Journey does for you!

For skeptics and “non-new agers”

Lea Vollmer is a self-described “non-new ager” who found insight and wisdom through her experience in My Spirit Animal Intuitive Painting Journey. She recommends the class even if you are skeptical, as she was.

“I wanted to get in touch with my creative side.”

Anjali Rose had never painted before. Here, she shares her take-aways from the course and who she feels the course is well-suited for. Also, she shares her beautiful painting and the insights her spirit animal gave her.

Sometimes you receive more than one spirit animal guide

Dina was going through a particularly challenging time in her life, one of growth and transformation, and two spirit animals appeared in her guided journey to support her through the changes.

A welcoming and safe place for deep personal work

Ivy Demos is an artist who was curious about intuition and the spirit-creativity connection when she decided to take this course. She shares her art, the wisdom it provided, and why she recommends the course.

My spirit animal: intuitive painting journeyanimal-intuitive-painting-journey

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A safe place to explore

Molly praises the course for providing a safe place for creative exploration, inspiration, and for helping her discover a new passion for journal work.

As part of My Spirit Animal, you are going to:

Discover your Soul’s Intention

Ignite Your Inspiration

Rewrite Negative Beliefs

Quiet Your Mind

Bust Through Self-Doubt

Enhance Your Intuition

Learn Your Soul Language

Meet and Bond with your Spirit Animal

Paint your Intuitive Spirit Animal Portrait

Let’s take a look at what you will learn in each module

  • MODULE 1: Intention

    • Get clarity about why you are here, and what you are seeking guidance on at this time
    • Intuitive creativity exercises for self-reflection
    • Guided meditation to cultivate and awaken your innate creativity
    • First marks on the blank canvas
    • Creativity prompts to nurture your wild creativity
  • MODULE 2: Connections

    • Connecting to your spirit animal
    • Guided spirit animal journey
    • Lessons and exercises for building the bond with your spirit animal
    • Layer two on your canvas
  • MODULE 3: Composition

    • Painting and energy
    • Working with sacred symbols
    • The chakras and your spirit animal
    • Composition sketching
  • MODULE 4: Unity

    • Blocking in
    • The elements of design
    • Going 3-D
    • Reflections
  • My spirit animal: intuitive painting journeyanimal-intuitive-painting-journey

Bonuses, you ask?

But of course!

In addition to the course modules and videos, Check out the bonuses you get when you enroll:

Private Facebook Community ($97 value)

You will have access to the private brave creativity Facebook group where you will share your breakthroughs and questions as you work through the course. The support in this group is priceless.

Five Live Group Coaching Calls ($197)

This bonus is only available during open enrollment. Enrolling now you will have access to private coaching calls when they are offered with the next open enrollment.

Bonus Live Group PaintTOGETHER ($47)

This bonus is only available during open enrollment. Enrolling now you will have access to this bonus when it is offered with the next open enrollment.

My Spirit Animal Intuitive Painting Journey is for you if...

– You are ready to say goodbye to self-doubt, perfectionism, and self-criticism

– You want tools to build your intuition and self-awareness

– You want to know new ways to use art to connect to spirit

– You are seeking deep intuitive guidance and a connection with nature

– You are want to express the true you without worrying about perfection!

I have to be honest, though. You are not going to like My Spirit Animal if you are looking for a quick fix.

My Spirit Animal is powerful and transformative, but only if you are willing to put in the time both on your own and in the live group calls.

Here are some good signs that you should not join My Spirit Animal Intuitive Painting Journey

You want a course that will teach you how to make a specific painting, or achieve a certain painting technique

You are looking for someone else to give you the answers and tell you what you should do

You are not interested in the spirit-art connection

Learn how to paint your spirit animal with Soul Path Art and intentional painting. Build your intuition, set your intention, receive guidance, and make meaning changes in your life. No experience needed to succeed.

It’s OK if you are nervous or have doubts. Once you get inside this course it will all start to click into place.

We all have strong self-protection instincts: Those parts of our personality that keep us safe from the unknown.

And what you are doing here is saying a big YES to stepping over the threshold into the vast unknown of a creativity and soul-work without judgment. Of course, it is scary. Of course, you have doubts.

But trust me, once you enroll and get inside this course, and start working through the modules, and meeting the other women who are just as scared as you, it will all come together!

You will have “aha” moments and personal break-throughs.

And it makes me so happy when I see that happening for my students because here’s what I know for sure:

It is time for you to believe in yourself, to know you are truly a creative, intuitive artist. To discover the insights and wisdom available to you through a deep bond with your spirit animal guide, to express yourself in all areas of your life with freedom and authenticity.

It is time for you to take the lid of your brilliant self!

Don’t let this opportunity pass.
It’s time to say YES to your dreams!

Brave Creativity: overcome self-doubt and live the passionate, connected life you deserve`

So, who is this creative goddess showing you the path to your intuitive, creative soul?

I am your teacher, Larissa Davis.

Creative Goddess... it sounds audacious, right? But it wasn’t always the case. I have only recently become a creative goddess.

The story begins when I lost a big corporate job and felt a gaping hole in my life. Who was I without that soul-sucking job? And what was my purpose and my passion? I dove in to find out, and a few months later I had a dream that showed me I could use painting to heal myself and predict the future! Dreams, right? But this one really called to me so I pulled out a journal and began sketching. As I sketched my mind got quiet. It was better than meditation. I was hooked!

Then I discovered intentional art, where art is a way to focus on a goal or desire. This revolutionized my relationship with creativity and freed me in a way I had never felt before. Along the way, I became a certified Creatively Fit Coach.

Now, I am an artist, writer, speaker, and (as I mentioned above) a creative goddess. My mission is to create beauty, inspire women to discover their passion, and live the brave, expressive lives they dream of.

100% Guarantee

You get 30 days to test-drive the course. If it is not for you, you will get a full refund.

Not sure if My Spirit Animal is for you? Give it a whirl and see what you think. If after 30 days you are not satisfied, let me know. If you have done the work and have not found it helpful, I will issue a full refund.

I offer this guarantee because I believe so strongly in the contents of My Spirit Animal and I want you to see how transformative this course can be, risk-free.

Are you ready to take the leap?


You’ve got questions!

Check out these FAQs

When does the course start?

You are enrolling in the course outside of the open enrollment period which means you will have access to the materials immediately, to work through at your own pace. You will also have access to the private Facebook group.

Where are the course materials located?

All materials, downloadables, and videos are accessed through a dropbox folder.

How do I access the group calls and when are they?

You will receive notice through the private FB group with all the call information. Group calls happen on Zoom. You will have access to live group calls when they happen with the next open enrollment.

What if I miss a group call?

All calls are recorded for access anytime.

What materials do I need?

You will need acrylic paints, brushes, canvases, a journal. There will be a few more things and more details in the materials list you will receive in your Welcome Packet.

My spirit animal: intuitive painting journey

Sign up now!


I am excited to welcome you to the course and this beautiful group of soulful women as you come into your intuitive, creative self!

— Larissa

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