New moon ritual: manifest your intention

New Moon Ritual for Manifesting Your Intention


Whether you believe the moon cycles have any particular significance or not, I have found that the cycles of the moon serve as a reminder to keep my personal journey, and my inner work, present and activated throughout the month, and in turn, the year.

Astrologist Jennifer Raccioni has this to say about working with moon cycles:

“Moon rituals are an ancient and sacred practice that originated in Egypt, Babylonia, India, and China where moon worship was a part of the culture. The phases of the moon influence the growth or decline of plants, animals, and human life. So, basking in the moonlight was seen as a sacred and necessary part of every cycle.”

Jennifer goes on to cite the benefits of ritual as a way to connect and ground in modern lives filled with distractions. Honoring the new and full moons through ritual is an opportunity to slow down, ground, connect to higher guidance, and get intentional. There is so much power in just taking the time to tune into your higher guidance. And once you get clear about what you want, you are well on your way to manifesting your intention.

New Moon Ritual

New moon ritual: manifest your intention

The new moon is identified as a time for setting our intentions because it signals the time when things grow. Setting an intention at the new moon harnesses the energies of growth to support what you are calling into your life. It is a time when, energetically, you are invited to breathe new life into any areas which are stagnant.

When it comes to a new moon ritual, there are 5 main elements to include:

1. Set the space
2. Ground & Connect
3. Discover your wish
4. Create your intention
5. Visualize

What follows is a new moon ritual outline. But it is only a suggestion, not a rulebook. There is no right or wrong way, just your way. Listen to your own wisdom as you create the ritual that suits the unique and perfect being you are.

Preparing for your new moon ritual

Prepare for your ritual in advance so you have everything you need. If possible, perform this ritual at night. For added effectiveness, time your ritual to the moment when the moon reaches newness.

New moon ritual: manifest your intention

What you will need

— Paper or a journal
— A pen or pencil
— About 30 minutes
— Items for clearing the space (sage, drum, rattles)

New Moon Ritual Step 1: Set the space

When preparing for your ritual, decide where you will be. If inside, take time to straighten up, clearing any day-to-day clutter from the space. You can also clear the space using sound, using a rattle, drum, or tingshas. I also like to smudge the space with sage. If your ritual is outside, energetic clearing is still advisable.

New Moon Ritual Step 2: Ground and connect

Begin your ritual by grounding yourself. Sit or stand with your feet planted on the earth. Breathe slowly, imagining the magnetic pull of the earth securing you to the ground. Breathe out and visualize your light connecting with the magnet, moving into the earth. Breathe in, visualizing the earth sending energy up into your body.

After a few minutes, call on the source energy that supports you the most: angels, guides, spirit animals, ancestors, or any other divine connections. Invite them to join you and ask that they lend their energy to assist you in this ritual. They will only be able to help if you ask them to!

New Moon Ritual Step 3:
Discover your heart’s desire

New moon ritual: manifest your intention

For many, discovering your heart’s desire can be the most challenging part of this ritual. As a kid you were totally in-tune with your heart’s desires, but as you grew up, you may have lost that intuitive, unquestionable knowing. To connect with your heart’s desire, you can focus on your breath, slowing it down so the exhale is a few counts longer than the inhale… pausing for a few beats before breathing in will also trigger your body that all is safe, and you can relax further. When you are feeling more and more relaxed, ask for your heart’s desire. And whatever comes to mind, be it words you hear, something you see, a feeling, a memory, be open to receiving your heart’s desire. There is no right or wrong way to sense it…only YOUR way. You can also listen to this meditation.

New Moon Ritual Step 4:
Create and declare your intention

An intention is a simple statement of your will to bring your heart’s desire into being. To create an intention, use active words in the present tense. For example:

“I am...
“I have...
“I feel...
“My life is...
“My job is...
“My relationship is…”

Take a few moments with your heart’s desire and your journal and write out your intention remembering to keep it simple.

When you are ready, stand, feet planted on the ground and hands on your hips (power stance!) and speak your intention aloud. Also out loud, ask your divine support team to help you manifest your intention.

New moon ritual: manifest your intention

New Moon Ritual Step 5:

This final step is one you will do now, and each day at a special time of your choosing. Engage your most powerful manifestation tool, your imagination. Sit comfortably and close your eyes as you begin to imagine your life with your intention manifested. Imagine how all the different areas of your life (such as relationships, family, career, health, spirituality, self-expression, money, etc.) are changed with your intention realized. Get as detailed as is comfortable. If you start to doubt or disbelieve, stop and breathe, and return to the simple idea that it is done, your intention is manifest, and the feeling of that accomplishment. The feeling of that is the single most important part of your imaginings. When you are able to create that feeling you are actually creating the energy of your intention realized. You are shifting your vibration to match your heart’s desire.

Take 7 minutes every day to imagine your intention right up until the full moon when you can harness the power of the moon to illuminate and let go of all the obstacles to manifesting your intention!


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How to Perform a Full Moon Ritual

Once you have completed your new moon ritual, you may be wondering what’s next. In 14 days, the moon will be full moon. The full moon energy helps you see obstacles and resistances stopping you from manifesting your intention, and a full moon ritual is a way to release those obstacles and clear the path for your manifestation.

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