On my Canvas: June 2020 with visionary Soul Path Artist Larissa Davis

Breaking free from the tower of fear

Larissa Davis Artist Saying yes to being the artist I am, and saying yes to that being enough…well, it has been like a secret key I always had and never knew about.

The further I get into being who and what I truly am, the more and more all the other stuff falls away. I left a bunch of Facebook groups I was not participating in any more. I changed my Facebook page to Larissa Davis Art. I archived my Facebook groups. I changed my Instagram handle to Larissa Davis Artist.

With each of these changes I felt lighter. I keep getting imagery of a beautiful winged goddess rising up and out of a stone tower that is crumbling and falling away, unable to contain her light and magnificence any longer.

I also started changing my website. It is a big site with a lot of content...so I am taking it a little at a time. Last night I started removing products that were clouding the message of me: t-shirts, mugs, socks, leggings, online courses...one by one I moved them to the trash. Each one I removed left me feeling lighter and lighter...able to breathe more deeply...nourished by the truth of me. Brick by brick, taking down the tower, setting myself free.

And last week I closed another door.

I had been assisting with the latest Creatively Fit Coach training with Whitney Freya. Whitney had asked me to create a video for one of the modules and I kept putting it off. Day after day I kept NOT doing it. And finally it was the last day, there was no more putting it off...and still I felt no motivation or energy for it and I had to ask myself...why? And as quick as a flash I knew it was just not in alignment any more. It was not the true me.

So, I told Whitney the story. She is SUCH an amazing soul. She totally understood and completely supported me. She even invited me to make a video sharing the story with the coaches-in-training. I made it...no procrastinating...no retakes. Easy.

I recognize that thankfully I am not the only one having this experience. Across the planet human beings are finding within them the truth of who they are. And you are, too. I am here to encourage you. What have you got to lose, after all? What is life worth if you live it locked in a tower, a prisoner of fear, a slave to external objects?

I have made my choice.

I will live free.

I will live as who I truly am.

Full stop.

Will you join me?

—Larissa Davis, Artist




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