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Larissa Davis is a Soul Path Artist, Certified Creatively Fit Coach, Artist, Writer, and charismatic presenter

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“Every child is born an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

— Pablo Picasso

We are all born creative, yet by adulthood, most of us have suppressed our creative expression, believing creativity is just for “artists”.

Bottling up our creativity is unhealthy. It causes all kinds of havoc on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, including:

— Stress
— Self-doubt
— Overwhelm
— F
— A
— Apathy
— Procrastination
— and more

Larissa presenting “Discover your Soul Path with Right-Brain Power” at the Common Ground Fair, September, 2018.

A Soul Path presentation is an experience in awakening your inner spark and discovering your source of inspiration and creativity.

Artist and performer Larissa Davis is dedicated to spreading the message that your inspired, purposeful life is only a scribble away. With this in goal in mind, Larissa’s presentations are hands-on experiences that give each person a taste of their innate creativity.

Soul Path Homily delivered at First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church, Portland Maine

Building your creative brain power enhances confidence, communication, and creative problem solving

Building  creative brain power creates new neural pathways, boosting creativity in all areas of your life and enhancing the connection with your intuition and inspiration. Other benefits include the release of stuck emotions, increased self-confidence, reduction of stress, and a feeling of purpose and optimism.

“Larissa’s presentation to our church was just wonderful! She was relaxed, inspiring, energetic, and connected beautifully with the congregation. She set an amazing example of pressure under fire, as she’d locked her keys (and notes) in her car, and was able to give a fully coherent message nevertheless. She shone with an energy that resonated and inspired us all.”

— Ann Turner, Guest Speaker Coordinator


Hear to the presentation delivered to the Unitarian Universalist Church in Yarmouth, Maine.

Craft your presentation

The following are some of the activities which may be included in a presentation catered to your theme:

Guided visualizations

— Creativity exercises to quiet the mind and warm up the creative brain (no art background needed)

— Exploration of symbols, their meanings, and how to work with them

— Creativity practices for surrender, clarity, and intention setting

Gallery Presentations and Workshops

As a guest artist, Larissa shares engaging, hands-on presentations catered to the audience and the venue.


Artist Reception, May 2019
Presenting to member artists at Gallery 302 in Bridgton, Maine

“The feedback we have gotten from your presentation was wonderful. Your show and presentation is one of the best we have had. Thank you for sharing your work.”

— Sandra Long, Gallery 302 Member Artist

Give your next event a creative twist

Bring the Make Your Mark Dream Wall to your next event or corporate training

Artist Larissa Davis and the Make Your Mark Dream Wall at the Freeport Maine Fall Festival: October 2019

Above: Larissa in front of the Make Your Mark Dream Wall at the Freeport Fall Festival, L.L. Bean Campus, October 2019. This activity can be scaled to your event and space. LEARN MORE

Artist Larissa Davis and the Make Your Mark Dream Wall at the Freeport Maine Fall Festival: October 2019
Artist Larissa Davis and the Make Your Mark Dream Wall at the Freeport Maine Fall Festival: October 2019
Artist Larissa Davis and the Make Your Mark Dream Wall at the Freeport Maine Fall Festival: October 2019


Inspiring comments and reviews from participants in Larissa’s workshops and presentations.


  • “Fun. New ideas. Expression. Awesome energy & guidance got us thinking outside the box.”
  • “Positive energy! Nice flow! A group of strangers became fast friends through this inviting, warm, expressive experience.”
    Jenny K.
  • “I enjoyed your style of teaching. Very positive, non-judgmental, and made me laugh!”
  • “Thank you for a fun night exploring the unexplored! New listening skills, keeping present.”
  • “This workshop was fun, full of energy, support, reassurance, motivating, inspiring, & juicy!”
    Rosemary N.
  • The biggest benefit for me was discovering “what no longer serves me” and letting go of it. Now, when my inner voices start playing those old tapes about not being good enough, or I feel anger rising for some reason, I am ... breaking free!!
    Lea V.

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Brave Creativity: overcome self-doubt and live the passionate, connected life you deserve`

When an unexpected life change prompted her to seek the deeper meaning in her life, Larissa began the journey to find her passion and purpose.

It began with a pledge not to make any major decisions or changes until she was listening to the voice within. You are familiar with it. It is that gut feeling...that intuition...that voice that whispers to you YES or NO. We all have it. Larissa had practiced ignoring it for the better part of 46 years.

After six months of inner exploration, Larissa woke one morning from a dream that showed her how to use painting to heal herself and to predict the future. She began sketching that day and immediately discovered the power of creativity to still her mind and quiet her thoughts. Further exploration led to the discovery of intentional creativity, and certification as a Creatively Fit Coach. Now, Larissa passionately shares inspiring, hands-on presentations (when circumstances allow) on accessing our inner wisdom through creativity.