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When I first heard about intentions I was really excited. The idea that I could intend something seemed so amazingly powerful. I sensed using intentions would be an exciting adventure...but I had NO IDEA how deep it would go.

I work with intentions through my creativity practice. With this technique, I write my intention onto the canvas before I add an other paint. To do this, use a dark color paint, or an acrylic paint pen. It can also be helpful to release limiting beliefs through this same process. For more on that technique, watch this video. So, the intentions are supported through the painting process and the following three tools.

1. Tarot and oracle cards to help you set a successful intention

Tarot and oracle cards offer insight on my intentions at different points in the process. For this painting, I am several layers in and it felt like the right time. Without going into detail, these cards tell me the energy is available to make these changes. I feel the truth of that...because something has shifted in me and I am seeing things more clearly. Even more important, I know I am not alone. That is new for me. Before it was an abstract concept that I was trying to integrate. Now I just know it. I feel support all around me. I know I am part of everything around me. I trust my non-physical support team. I know my journey is all about unity, and that my path is never-ending. And I am looking forward with eager anticipation to what is next. I know there will be darker times, harder times, challenges, and fears, and there will be triumphs, love, joy, play, imagination, new friends, and new experiences... it is all the beautiful in and out flow of my path.

setting-intentions-3-steps-to-succes2. Vocalization & words for successful intentions

Before I begin painting each day, I read the intentions aloud. This helps create the energetic space that is receptive to and supportive of the intentions. Speaking the intention each day can be freeing and empowering, too. You can experiment with adding others sounds and vibrations. Try creating a beat with your hands on another part of your body...clapping, beating your chest, stomping your feet. These sounds will move through your body, helping free old thoughts and beliefs.

You do not have to beat your chest as you work with your intentions, but I do strongly recommend speaking them aloud. Get clear about what you want, write it down, and then each day speak it out loud. If you connect to God, angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, or ancestors, call on them, thanking them for their help, too.

setting-intentions-3-steps-to-succes3. Sound & vibration for successful intentions

Another way to add the power of sound is using a singing bowl or chimes. I have an old one that has started to corrode, as you can see, but the sound is still perfect. Try this:

— Play your bowl before you begin and "sing" your intentions

— Place the bowl onto the canvas so the vibrations of the bowl move through the canvas

— Have a portable bluetooth speaker? Play your favorite music and hang the speaker on your easel as you paint. Place your hand on the canvas and feel the vibrations

Intentions for success

Try the above for success with your intentions. And don’t forget to remember (ha ha) your intention every day. Often we set an intention and forget about gets in the way, we get busy. But it is really helpful to remind ourselves of it once a day. Not to dwell on it, just to focus for a moment on the transformation that is coming!

If you liked this article, you might be interested in THIS POST on working with affirmations. Used in combination with an intention, affirmations shake things up in the best way!

And this from our resident cheer leader

You can do this!

Your have got this!

You deserve success!

You are worthy!




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    Setting intentions: 3 tools for strong, successful intentions
    Setting intentions: 3 tools for strong, successful intentions
    Setting intentions: 3 tools for strong, successful intentions