Soul Path Art Journey Workshop

March 3rd, 2018
Biddeford ME

Our inner spirit is indomitable. Even when we ignore our intuition, our soul remains steadfast, indomitable, and everlasting; calling us to our highest path; igniting our imagination and desire. We begin this workshop with exercises to quiet the left brain, get our creativity flowing, and connect with our dreams and desires. And then, with all this rich information and inspiration, I will gently introduce you to the canvas where we will create a dream painting using a fun 4-step process (I use it for all my paintings!) Keep it abstract or create a mandala, butterfly, or other focal image expressive of your dream with my guidance and support. There is no pressure to “complete” your art because it is all about the process, not the product. The painting is a supportive, playful, meditative experience which will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, aligned and connected with your indomitable soul.

Trailing Yew Workshop 2017

A Soul Path Art Workshop may be right for you if:

  • you are feeling a pull to step into the life you have always dreamed of.
  • you are looking for tools and confidence to make changes in your life.
  • you have been feeling stuck and are unsure how to get moving.
  • you feel the need for change but you are not sure exactly what.
  • you have no idea what your passion and purpose are but you want to know!
  • you feel there must be something more to life!
  • you are wondering what the next great adventure will be!
  • Do I have to be an artist to do this?

    Soul Path Art is for everyone, regardless of art background. The truth is that we are ALL creative, and we have all stopped our creative flow at some point. It may have been a friend, teacher, family member, or just that voice of inner criticism that stopped you from expressing yourself creatively. Soul Path Art is so powerful because it helps us identify the limiting beliefs and blocks which stop us from living the life we desire, from CREATING the life of our dreams. And no art background is needed. In fact, the less artistic you think you are, the more powerful your experience can be!

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    • March 3, 2018

      $65 includes materials

      Where: Flourish Arts as Sacred Healing, Biddeford, Maine

      No Art Experience Needed


    What People Are Saying...

    • “I am not the kind of person who has EVER signed up for an art class, but Larissa's focus on the "journey" and not the outcome allowed me to CREATE!”
      Maureen T.
    • “Thank you so much for an enlightening and fun workshop of creating and soul searching. Since then l have found myself more open to different ideas and means of expression.”
      Jane K.
    • “Personal insights! Great interaction with Larissa and other participants...Absolutely fun!”
      Pam P.
    • “Thank you so much for such a life-enhancing, soul-enhancing day! It was so positive, so joyous, how could anyone not go on and follow their heart? i look at my painting and the rich color makes me want to sing or yell with delight! And you got us to find so much "information" about ourselves. So useful! And fun!”
      Betsy N.
    • “I appreciated the lead up exercises and the space to be with ourselves. Thank you for your energy and presence.”
      Jen C.
    • “Loved this. Energizing. You are amazing and inspiring.”
      Joy S.

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